What is the Justification for the Demand to Vaccinate Everyone? | Beaufort County Now | There is no underlying logic to drive this effort to vaccinate everyone, but it is the US where we have this unique vaccine-exclusive strategy. It's unprecedented and it's costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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John Woodard

The government has attempted to convince us that the coronavirus is a health emergency. In the early days of the virus, all Americans were willing to give government officials the benefit of doubt with the theory that it was better to be safe than sorry. Now however, as more has become known about the virus itself along with the misleading statements by those same government officials, people are more reluctant to become vaccinated than they had previously.

There have been a great many reports that cast doubt on the benefit to various segments of the population, which is not untypical of a brand-new vaccine. But now we have had the opportunity to see how it has different effects on people, with roughly 50% of the population still unvaccinated. It is comical that Pres. Biden tries to assert that people that have been vaccinated are at risk from the unvaccinated. How that can possibly be true is certainly a mystery.

The reports that are emerging suggests that what we knew all along has been proven to be true. The vaccine is more beneficial to the elderly with underlying respiratory problems. The truth appears to be that the Covid-19 virus has used primarily as a political cudgel from the very beginning. When the medical professionals including a large segment of the employees at the CDC avoid taking the vaccine, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about why the government is attempting to force this on the population at large.

We have reported repeatedly that the global elites are utilizing the pandemic to install their Great Reset on the world. This is the agenda of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations to implement a global one-world surveillance state with a digital control grid based upon the Chinese model, that nobody will be allowed to avoid. The primary target is the United States which is why the US medical community is coming under the most pressure to do the right thing for patients. Physicians such as Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Heather Gessling and Dr. Ryan Cole along with Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Pierre Kory have been attempting to alert the public about the health threats of this virus, including sworn testimony before Congress, only to have their testimony covered up by the media. The statements that have been made by the media about physicians such as Dr. Malone have been disgraceful. Especially since he is the inventor of the mRNA technology that  became the basis of the vaccine.

Dr. Cole has said that some hospitals have arranged a bonus system of up to 20% for physicians who prescribe Remdesevir for their patients. This therapeutic was designed to treat Ebola and has had catastrophic results. Yet the medical establishment is hell-bent to prescribe this for Covid patients with advanced symptoms. These hospitals are threatening physicians if they don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template, trying to dictate their practice through unprecedented pressure, blocking early treatment until patients are so severely ill that they have to be admitted to the hospital, according to Dr. Cole. No early treatment is being administered. They test for high blood oxygen levels and then send the patient home only to reappear later in much worse condition. Better outcomes are seen in Third World countries that don’t have all these restrictions on care and are using effective therapeutics.

According to Dr. Malone, we have a crisis of death and disease because of this blind insistence on only doing the vaccine, and crisis of death and disease for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, that is completely unnecessary. When in history have we sent people home and not treated them? It makes no sense at all says Dr. Malone.

I was watching television one afternoon and Dr. Malone was being interviewed and I was astonished to hear him utter these words. Are we attempting to reduce our population growth? Is this a form of eugenics? I certainly do not know the answer to these questions but someone is going to come up with the answers in due course. But until they do, these possibilities are just as convincing as any other. Dr. Malone has been unwilling to speculate openly about why hospitals and physicians have agreed to the politicization of Covid treatment by the WHO, CDC, NIH and Dr. Fauci.

There is no underlying logic to drive this effort to vaccinate everyone, but it is the US where we have this unique vaccine-exclusive strategy. It’s unprecedented and it’s costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

We don’t have a pandemic of the unvaccinated said Dr. Cole, we have a pandemic of the under-treated.

Fauci came out recently and said he thought Biden was going too soft with his mandates. That he should not have allowed an option for employees to show a negative Covid test, only proof of vaccination.

According to Dr. Malone the government has decided to go full authoritarian. They are pulling levers and pressures on everyone. This issue of not treating anyone until they are so sick and have to go to the hospital is very well known but it is not going to stop this pandemic.

In fact, it’s going to extend the pandemic at least until the globalist elites have realized their agenda.

We are having an epidemic of death and pain which, interestingly, other nations are not seeing, because they are being pragmatic says Dr. Malone. “They are open to other approaches.”

It seems very apparent that Pres. Biden was elected purely for the purpose that we are seeing play out before our very eyes, right here and right now. Remember the statement made by Pres. Biden when he was first inaugurated? When asked a question about the 2024 election, he remarked that he wasn’t sure that there would be a Republican Party in 2024. Now we may know what he meant by that answer. But clearly, in order to stop the activities that are reported in this article, we have to elect an overwhelming and vetoproof majority in both the U.S. House and Senate. If we do then we have the opportunity to put the brakes on this move towards socialism and communism that is planned for us. If we don’t then who we elect for president in 2024 will be meaningless.

God Save America

Now that it is fully apparent, to all who have the ability to pay some modicum of attention, that Imposter President Biden has extreme cognitive issues, in addition to being an inveterate liar: Can OUR Republic continue with this Executive Office that has completely failed, so many times, on far too many issues here at this early date in this abysmal presidency?
  No, Joseph R. Biden is completely unqualified, morally and cognitively, to represent real Americans, and lead this Republic of disparate peoples.
  Yes, Joseph R. Biden has started whispering again, even softer now than before; so, I know he still cares, plus, OUR media will soon stop reporting on Afghanistan in favor of OUR Socialist ideals.
  I don't follow politics, but I know a liar and an idiot when I see one, and I have far too often witnessed this fool - Biden.
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Jann said:
( September 21st, 2021 @ 8:46 am )
A nurse (Judi O'Malley) from Health and Human Services has now come forward and has secretly recorded conversations with her colleagues about the patient suffering from the vaccines. Let's not forget America's Frontline Doctors came out at the Capitol in the very beginning of COVID to warn the public. That was eye opening for me.

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