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Republican "leaders" in both the US Senate and NC State Senate are revealing themselves as little more than surrender monkeys to the Democrats and far left.  Instead of standing firm for principle they fold like cheap suits and cave in to the far left.  This week we have seen this again from both Mitch McConnell and Phil Berger. They are two peas in a spineless pod.

McConnell has just caved to the Democrats on the debt limit.  He pledged to stand firm but his lack of backbone shows.

Berger has just caved to Roy Cooper on the Green New Deal, which will be an extremely expensive cave for electric ratepayers.  Word is out that he is also about to cave to Cooper on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which will be a very expensive cave for NC taxpayers.

With "Republicans" like this, who needs Democrats?  Republican primary voters need to oust Berger and McConnell and the establishment Republicans who keep them in power.  Ditch Mitch and flip the Berger.

In the US Senate primary, Ted Budd is the only choice for conservatives.  Pat McCrory has always been very chummy with all the wrong people.  Mark Walker made a lot of pledges to challenge the establishment House leadership of John Boehner but when he got to DC he quickly became a Boehner, and later Ryan puppet.  Walker's record in the House means he cannot be trusted in the Senate.

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( October 7th, 2021 @ 5:22 pm )
US Senate Republicans are fighting back against Mitch McConnell's cave in and betrayal on the debt limit. Ted Cruz, conservative, and Lindsay Graham, moderate, were both on Hannity this afternoon and they are working to get rank and file GOP US Senators to stand up to McConnell and not cave in to the Democrats. Hannity made a key point that this betrayal shows that we need new GOP Senate leadership. McConnell is just not acceptable. Raising the debt limit is all above passing the monstrous $3.5 Trillion Green New Deal bill.

Speaking of Green New Deals, we desperately need our NC legislators to fight back against our sell out "leadership" in the legislature that is trying to surrender to Roy Cooper on his ripoff Green New Deal for North Carolina. Any GOP legislator who votes for H951 needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of the party on a rail.

Back to McConnell, he is just doing the business of Communist China. The ChiComs set his wife and father in law up in the shipping business, providing the ships, crews, and cargos that have made them a lot of money. China wants the US and its economy hamstrung with expensive and unreliable wind and solar, for which they make the equipment, while the ChiComs use cheap and reliable coal fired power plants, of which they currently have hundreds under construction. McConnell is just following orders from Beijing.

I'd bet if someone really searched, they would find China connections to Tim Moore and Phil Berger, too.
( October 7th, 2021 @ 8:42 am )
Throwing our prospective GOP gubenatorial candidates under the bus is the most maddening aspect of betrayals by our House and Senate leaders, Berger and Moore. First they did it to Lt. Governor Dan Forest, a major advocate of bathroom privacy legislation. NC did that first and there were 18 other states with similar legislation introduced. Forest was getting national publicity on the issue and it played well with NC voters who support Republicans. But Berger and Moore chopped his legs out from under him by caving to Roy Cooper and "woke" corporations and led a repeal of that law.

Now we have Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, who by state law is chairman of the advisory body on energy that the legislature is supposed to be listening to. Robinson is standing for consumers on energy issues, but Berger and Moore refuse to give him the time of day and side with Cooper, Biden, and ultra-"woke" Duke Energy's self-serving and highly ideological positions instead. Berger and Moore are chopping the legs out from under Robinson, who is our probable gubenatorial candidate in 2024 with their Green New Deal legislation that repudiates Robinson's positions and sides with those of the Democrats instead. Berger and Moore also are assuring rate increases that will be plaguing Robinson right when he makes his run for governor.

Why are Berger and Moore backstabbing our GOP gubenatorial candidates and helping the Democrats? This is the second time they have done it on a major issue where they have totally caved to the Democrats in a context it seriously damages our GOP nominees.
( October 6th, 2021 @ 8:57 pm )
"The fish rots from the head" goes an old European proverb, and it explains the problem the Republican base has with what passes for "leadership" in legislative bodies at both the federal and state levels. It is not just both Senates. The GOP leaders of both Houses are just as bad and have been. Boehner, Ryan, and McCarthy at the federal level and Tillis and Tim Moore at the state level have been awful. Surrender monkey is an apt term for the lot of them. They will cave to the Democrats at the drop of a hat, sometimes after putting on a show of not doing so, but they always cave. None of them seems to have any interest in standing up for Republican principles.

McConnell has never been anything but a sellout, although he likes to put on a show otherwise for a time. If he ever gets anything for his cave ins, it is always for himself, like the hefty earmark he got for a major Kentucky project in return for selling out on one of Obama's bills that was dubbed the "Kentucky kickback". Then there is McConnell's slimy family dealings with Red China that are as corrupt as those of Hunter Biden.

Early in his career, Phil Berger was the one GOP legislative leader I actually had some respect for. When McCrory started waffling on doing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, it was Berger who organized some quick legislation to box McCrory in so he could not do it. When McCrory tried his cancel culture move against SCV license plates, it was Berger who shot that down. Then things changed. The first sign that Berger seemed to have had a spine removal operation came with the bathroom privacy legislation, HB2, when he joined the Democrat / liberal move to repeal it. Since then it has been all downhill for Berger, and he is now as big a surrender monkey as any of the others.

If the GOP keeps such squirrelly leadership, it is bound to impact the voter enthusiasm of the rank and file GOP voters.

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