The Factual Odds of Dying from Covid-19 are very small | Beaufort County Now | After being marked as the, “selfish” unvaccinated will I then be, “screened” for acceptable opinions and mandated to whom I can share them, if at all?

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    Will it be a yellow star some of my neighbors and government demand I wear if I go outside or a scarlet letter? Will there be a special line in stores for, “those people” to check out or will we be mandated by law not to shop, eat out, exercise outside our home at all?

    After being marked as the, “selfish” unvaccinated will I then be, “screened” for acceptable opinions and mandated to whom I can share them, if at all? People suggest unvaccinated people shouldn’t receive health care because they’re too selfish to care about others. Perhaps that will be the grounds for new colonies or ghettos where , “those people” will be shamed and herded in to designated neighborhoods where deprivations will be severe as compared to the liberty allowed the “considerate folks”.

    Extreme? Impossible? If you believe the numbers, despite all the evidence and testimony that many deaths of other causes are categorized as Covid 19 deaths with huge financial incentives to do so, the factual odds of dying from Covid 19 are very small.

    For perspective, here is a review of the odds:

  • 2.4% Covid age 80+
  • 1.1% by suicide
  • 1% by opioid overdose
  • .9% tripping
  • .9% motor vehicle crash
  • .6% Covid age 70-79
  • .2% Covid age 60-69
  • .3% gun-crime
  • .07% Covid age 50-59
  • .06% in a fire
  • .04% choking
  • .02% Covid age 40-49
  • .01% sunstroke
  • .01% ???
  • .007% Covid age 30-49
  • .007% electrocution
  • .002% Covid 20-29
  • .001% mauled by dog
  • .001% stung to death by wasps
  • .0005% Covid age 10-19
  • .0007% struck by lightening
  • .0001% Covid age 5-9


    Covid deaths are unquestionably horrible. If the threat of unvaccinated people contributes to the risk of dying by Covid and all the tongue cluckers wish to shame the unvaccinated for this and force “remedies” on them, why stop with Covid? You certainly contribute to another person’s death when you rip them apart through abortion? No shame allowed though, despite the significant majority chosen for convenience and deaths in the millions.

    If people opt for the magic masks and shots, isolate themselves, social distance-what does it matter what anyone else does? The question may expose more truth than shamers wish to admit. In West Virginia the number of Covid deaths of those fully vaccinated has increased 25%. According to NPR, Israel was the first Country to vaccinate a majority of its eligible citizens, 78%, yet now has one of the highest daily infection rates and half of the serious cases are of fully vaccinated. Studies in several countries show over 90% of Covid deaths occurred in people with underlying conditions, some caused by choices. How should we shame these contributors-post death?

    Then there are the sticky wickets the shamers tend to avoid. The quick development and process of approval of the Covid vaccines, a subject of Robert Kennedy Jr.s’ recent lawsuit. We have history with, “miracle“ vaccines like the Cutter incident involving children and polio, measles, RSV and the 2017 Dengue Fever vaccination failure. All of those despite decades of research, trials and approval. Another attempt at an HIV vaccine just failed after decades of work. Then there is the type of vaccine for Covid, mRNA which is genetic engineering 
introducing, “instructions” in to our cells which contributes to the classic skepticism about, “I am from the government and here to help you”.

    About the 1990’s Desert Storm conflict, Alan Cantwell, MD wrote, “ ...In an unprecedented legal decision, the FDA allowed the Pentagon to give un-approved drugs and vaccines to soldiers without their consent. The Pentagon also refused to identify the types of drugs and injections the troops were given forcibly, rendering them powerless against genetically altered “supergerms.”... As many as 60,000 of the 700,000 Gulf War vets who served in Desert Storm in 1991 are ill with a variety of symptoms lumped together as Persian Gulf War Syndrome (GWS)…Soldiers are passing the illness on to wives and family members; and their children appear to have an increased incidence of birth defects.” My daughter’s father was one of these military members who was ill from the effects of these injections and my daughter born subsequently, had the second most complicated craniofacial abnormalities known at the time. She spent the first three years of her life undergoing profound surgeries that removed her skull piecemeal to completely reshape it.

    So pardon me if I don’t jump in feet first to this savior drug the government wants to mandate me to take. I have earned healthy skepticism. The next time you shamers want to complain to me why protecting yourself with all these miracles isn’t enough for you, bring it on. You will not produce shame in me and I will continue to research diligently and not simply accept, “because I say so”.

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