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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The findings should alarm everyone, especially employers. And police.

People wearing masks are meaner, more selfish, less moral, and more violent. And I’m not talking about people who don masks with the intent of behaving badly. I’m talking about otherwise decent people who change when they put a mask on.

  1. Children wearing masks are almost twice as likely to break rules as children not wearing masks. In a study, children were told they may each take two pieces of candy. Half of the kids were wearing masks as part of their Halloween costumes; the other half were barefaced. Sixty-two percent of the masked children took more than two pieces, but only 37 percent of barefaced children cheated.
  2. In a 1976 study, researchers recruited college students to walk around campus carrying sexually suggestive signs. (Remember, this was 1976.) Students were offered money to perform the stunt. One group was also offered masks to wear while performing the feat. The students who were offered masks demanded $29 while students who were not given masks demanded $48.
  3. In a study to test the prosocial behavior of people wearing sunglasses, which are less concealing than masks, researchers found that sunglasses made people more selfish. Asked how much of $6 they’d be willing to share with a stranger, people in clear eyeglasses offered almost twice as much as those in sunglasses.

A mask might not really conceal your identity but it has a few powerful effects:

  • Makes it harder for you to be identified
  • Conceals your emotions and reduces the amount of eye contact you make
  • Lets you feel/think like a different person
  • Helps you avoid guilt, shame, and embarrassment
  • Brings to the surface parts of your personality you might otherwise hide
  • In groups, masks can be dehumanizing, leading to groupthink and extreme behavior

So, how will society change when everyone wears a mask all the time?


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( January 9th, 2022 @ 6:00 pm )
Mask wearers are sheeple, lemmings following Dr. Anthony Fascist off the cliff. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that most masks in common use are utterly useless to stop the Wuhan coronavirus and have some significant health drawbacks. Masks are about people control, not disease control.

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