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The North Carolina Court of Appeals has been given until January 11th to produce a new and supposedly better decision than their first decision on the re-districting case brought by radicals who want to elect more Democrats.  Some pundits believe changes, if any, will be very minor.  To do otherwise would probably result in yet another lawsuit by the Republicans.

Another indicator that this issue may be coming to an end came when the State Supreme Court, which is dominated by Democrats, decided recently, to not change the historic methods used by elected judges to recuse themselves from cases in which conflict may be possible.  That historic method is self-recusal, in some past cases judges who recused themselves did so because of public pressure.

If all goes well, the registration to run for public office will be open again shortly.  Not very many people registered to run during the December registration period.  That registration period was discontinued by order of the Supreme Court as their majority responded to an appeal from their Democrat party.

All of this conflict has to do with fallout from the 2020 elections. Many believe that Presidential election was stolen.  The North Carolina Legislature and many other state legislatures have made changes in election procedures to support fair and honest elections.  The radicals are wiggling and worming for any advantage they can find.

Now we come to the “political hole.”  Few would argue we are not the free society the founding fathers intended.  Few would argue we are not a socialist if not communist leaning society.  Few would argue the vast majority of our elected officials have done their job during the past four years to say nothing of the previous 20 years.  Few would argue we are not losing our nation to an invasion of illegal immigrants.  Few would argue there is not corruption at all levels of government from the county to the national capital.  Few would argue there are not at least two governments, one for the wealthy and privileged and another of us commoners.

It is common sense that the only way we, the people, are going to change this kind of government is to change the people who are running government.  That means voting sitting elected officials out of office.  At least 90 percent of them.

Some believe that changing the president will solve the problem.  However, there is a cadre of elected officials and hired public servants who are dedicated to changing our form of government.  One of the biggest problems Donald J. Trump had as President was this vast conspiracy of “Never Trumpers.”  The “Deep State” they are called.  To get our county back they have to go. 

I am talking about replacing elected officials right down to the county level.  How many county elected officials do you know who have stood up for our Constitution, our democracy, our values and our freedom during the past four years.  I do not mean they “mouthed” their support, I mean they actually took a position and stood up.  Here is a simple test for determining who needs to go; if you say I do not know or I am not sure whether or not they stood up, then, they need to go. Vote for someone else in the primary and the general election in November.  If we do not change them, we will get what we have now.

The 2022 elections will become a “throw the bums out” election.  This creates opportunity for fledgling politicians.  So many people say to me “I do not know how to do the job or I am not qualified.”  Do you think the person now holding the seat knew how to do the job when they were elected or were qualified to do it when elected?  The good thing about a democratic-republic is that everyone is qualified if they get elected.  Almost anyone can do a better job than 90 percent of the people who now hold the job. Don’t be shy.  This applies to both Democrats and Republicans.

Do this during the candidate sign up period. Keep an eye on those positions that do not have a primary candidate and sometimes even a candidate.  Go the Board of Elections and register to run.  The deadline is the last day at 12:00 Noon, not the end of the day.  Keep an eye out for the court decisions so you’ll know when the filing period is open. Check the Beaufort County Board of Elections website often.

It should also be noted that this election, for the first time in years, the Beaufort School Board elections will be partisan.  That means that Democrat and Republican candidates will run in the Primary.  Unaffiliated candidates will not have a Primary but will run in the General Election. New district boundaries will be operative this year.

Every incumbent who does not have an opponent needs someone to run against them in the primary election.  This is the most convenient way to change government. 

Even if you lose you are providing the county, the state and the nation a valuable service.  You are forcing politicians to take positions on issues and to let the public know where they stand. Because of your sacrifice in running against them, a better candidate may win in the November elections.

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( January 11th, 2022 @ 3:52 pm )
We need election integrity and few of our leaders are willing to stand up and really take a hardstand.
A few basic things would take care of most of our election problems. Voter ID, eliminate mail-in ballots, except valid absentee ballots, no mass mailing ballots, eliminate all internet connections for voting machines and protect poll watchers from harassment by either party. Allow only citizens of this United States to vote. This would go a long way toward creating a fair election for all parties concerned. No, this is not voter suppression. This is only common sense. Remember the old poker expression, “Winners laugh, and losers say, shut up and deal”. Only the Dems, left-wing looneys, and power grabbers are fighting these proposals. We need representatives that will not tiptoe around this issue, but make a hard stand to fix it.

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