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Like clockwork, the same four Commissioners banded together to control the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners.  They have done this for, at least, the past five years.  Democrats Ed Booth and Jerry Langley voted with the two nominal Republicans for Frankie Waters to be chairman and the two nominal Republicans returned the favor by voting for Democrat Jerry Langley to be Vice Chairman.  There are five Republicans on the Board.   So, why cannot the Republicans seat a chairman and a vice chairman? The four horsemen ride again.

Both Republicans and Democrats should question this act of “reaching across the aisle.”  The big question is “who benefits”?   With five Republicans sitting there, and the two Democrats deciding who is in charge, there is no question Frankie Waters and John Rebholz are not in charge.  These four are liberal.  They refuse to take positions on conservative Republican issues.  They are running from immigration issues, they vote for every proposed increase in payroll expense that comes up. 

They are blocking making the information about the several lawsuits that have been brought against the Sheriff available to the public. One would think the Democrats would want this information in the hands of the public, so you have to figure that it is Waters and Rebholz blocking the people learning about what’s going on in the Sheriff’s Office.

Who benefits?

Democrats do have candidates who running for Sheriff.   One wonders if the Democrats are as disloyal to their party as the Republicans are to theirs.

Someone compared these four horsemen to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Biblically, those four horsemen represent:  conquest, war, famine and death.  In the older versions of the Bible, they represent: the sword, famine, wild beasts and pestilence or plague.  Loyal conservative Republicans can easily relate to these descriptions.  The conquest has to do with their ability to use both political parties to allow them to personally force their political beliefs on to both Democrats and Republicans.  War has to do with the strong arm taking of control of the Board of Commissioners.  Famine has to do with their sitting on tens of millions of dollars of tax payer money, considering it their own to spend as they please.  Death has to do with neutralizing both political parties.

At the end of the day, it is the conservative wing of the Republican Party that suffers.   This is the intention of Democrats Booth and Langley, and nominal Republicans Waters and Rebholz.   Booth and Langley are Democrats.  Now look at Waters and Rebholz.  Waters was a registered Democrat four months before changing to Republican so he stood a chance of being elected Commissioner.  Rebholz is from north of here and we all know those Republicans are much more liberal than we are.

This mutual admiration society has cost Beaufort County a lot.  Namely, the hospital in Belhaven, the building of a road to nowhere.  About two million dollars spent on the ill-fated new jail complex before abandonment.  Giving blind support to the contortions of the present Sheriff.   Why are Democrats voting to support a Republican Sheriff?

This is the same gang of four who voted, this year, to donate four million dollars for improved internet services in Beaufort County.  Please consider the amount of surveillance that can be put on a home that has the internet.  Why does the Federal Government (started with the Obama Administration) want everyone to have the internet?  Answer, so they can control our daily activities.   The gang of four is strongly behind this.  This is already being done in, of all places, Australia, China and other totalitarian regimes.

Then there is the large amount of tax money these four are sitting on.  Why not lower taxes.  But wait, they want to spend 14 million dollars for un-needed improvements to the jail.  We have half the prisoners we had four years ago.  So why do we need to spend another 14 million.    For 2 million of the Covid recovery funds we can get the same improvements and stay inside the footprint of the Court House.

The four horsemen are blocking a lot of information the public should have about government.  You have noticed that one of the characteristics of dictatorship is they withhold information from the public.

It is election time, before you vote for any of the Four Horsemen take a look at why you are voting for these people to stay in office.  Ask, what has this person done with government to help me or my family?

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( January 19th, 2022 @ 8:40 am )
I have said this often but it bears repeating: When the Democratic Socialist Beaufort County Commissioners congregate in caucus with the Nominal Republicans to select a chairman and a vice chairman each general meeting in early December, they also set a political agenda to rule the county.

At that time, they set the "rules of engagement" for: 1) policy; 2) oversight (or lack thereof); and 3) budget of the growing county treasury.

This is a plain truth, unhidden, that must be understood by the Beaufort County electorate to make a real decision when it is their time to act with democratic purpose in selecting their leaders.

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