Today's Promise to America: Stupid Can Kill a Republic - Part I | Eastern North Carolina Now | The death of a democratic republic is not a new possibility; it has happened before in the pantheon of World history, and it can happen again; but, who will be to blame?

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    Publisher's note: This post was first published in early winter 2022, and is as topical now as it was then, when disbelieved by far more people than currently, it is acknowledged as truth NOW.

The death of a democratic republic is not a new possibility; it has happened before in the pantheon of human history, and it can happen again; but, who will be to blame? Some people, or something ancillary that is catastrophic is always the blame.

    In the recent annals of human history, the place of the United States of America has risen from simply struggling to survive to the significant advancement of becoming the World's super power, dramatically responsible for keeping the peace in the inestimable void that was created at the conclusion of World War II. After the massive victory of World War II, when genocidal Fascism was destroyed, or at least put on hold, two nations rose out of the ashes of that time of incredible despair and sacrifice - those rising super powers - the United States and the USSR.

    The United States of America took that responsibility of leadership seriously, although many mistakes have been made; the USSR did not, and then only made the World less safe, creating a Stalinesque environment for the Cold War until it ended due to the continual effort to deny the spread of Fascist Communism; a policy enacted by many patriotic presidents, but especially President Ronald Wilson Reagan - a truly great president - a patriot that spoke to our "better angels", who, ironically, was despised by a majority of the then left-leaning American press corp.

    I only bring this comparison of the victorious super powers of the USA and the USSR to the fore; their near 50 years of a Cold War which simmered at a constant boil until the collapse of the Soviet Union, to stress that the freedoms that far too many Americans take for granted have been hard won, and preserved but far better men and women than they, who show utter contempt for our Representative Republic, and what sacrifice that is demanded to keep it. Joe Biden, his intellectually pathetic, and inarguably dishonest Vice President, and predominately his entire staff are just those Democratic Socialist Non Patriot Fools, who would lead our Republic to ruin, to forever change our society into a Marxist Hellhole; out of abject ignorance, or devotion to a Communist ideal long ago shattered by the aforementioned far better men and women, patriots all. This is the Biden /Harris administration, and they prove it daily.

    Consequently, the overarching question is: In the creation of a societal environment that has sustained a secular ideology so extreme and anti American that it has breathed tremendous life into these pathetic Non Patriot Fools, who rule the Executive Branch, and much of congress, who is to blame, and as is necessary, how to precisely lay that blame to restore A Balance of Good to end this abomination of deceit to destroy OUR Republic?

    This Anti American behavior by these Democratic Socialist hypocrites, ruling as Authoritarians, have set their roots deep into this total deception of the American People, where their infamous and unified master plan spans two major bastions of predominately controlled by Democratic Socialism - the Education Industry and Corporate Media.

    The failed Education Industry and the corrupt Corporate Media, also known as the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, is in a collusive relationship with the Democratic Socialist party to a point that it is near impossible to tell which controls whom. The known quantity in each, and all, is a series of maxims that resonate: 1) Never let a crisis go to waste; 2) Control the narrative at all costs; 3) Abject dishonesty in debate; 4) Make the People and their Representative Republic last in complicated situations.

    And these Fools want to rule the Untied States, OUR "Democracy", and who knows what is next, maybe a "One World Government".

    A Follow-up in this Series is yet to come because blame must be assigned, and a learning experience must ensue for this Constitutional Republic of these States United to endure.

After one full year of the Biden /Harris Administration: Does Joe Biden have the intellectual capacity, and, or the energy to lead the United States of America through the mess that he predominately created ... in just one year?
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Inarguably, the policies of the Democrats in congress and Joe Biden as the Executive is plunging the United States into a recession, if we are not already there; a recession that was completely avoidable. Will abrupt changes in policies occur in time?
  Yes, the Democrats have a bold plan, yet to be revealed, to save us.
  No, there will have to be a complete undoing of the damage done by these Democrats.
  I can't do simple math, so how am I to understand the concept of basic economics.
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Was it a judicious ploy for Joe Biden's FBI to execute the unprecedented raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate?
  Yes; the Cheneys despise this former Republican president, and for good reason ... so they say.
  No; never has a former president been treated with this level of vindictive abuse by those temporarily in power.
  Who cares? It's Trump.
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