Polls Confirm Pat McCrory is LEAST-ELECTABLE Republican in General Election! | Beaufort County Now | All Show Ted Budd with a Commanding Lead in Primary and Some Show Ted Budd with a Lead in the General Election and All Eviscerate the McCrory Electability Myth Because Polls Indicate McCrory is the Least-Electable Against Beasley

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Press Release:

    (Advance, N.C.)     3 days. 4 polls. All of them indicate Ted Budd having a commanding lead in the NC Republican Primary for US Senate. Two of the polls included ballot tests for the General Election. Both of those indicated Ted Budd would defeat Cheri Beasley while former Governor Pat McCrory is losing in one and tied in the other. Given that McCrory's main argument has been "Electability," these polls eviscerate McCrory's key message as they indicate McCrory is the least-electable against Beasley. Fortunately, McCrory still has his humblebrag of being "simply the best" as a good fallback for flailing campaign messaging.

    "We're winning and we've still got a lot of room to grow," said Ted Budd. "President Donald Trump is excited to come back to NC this Saturday and I know NC Republicans are going to be even more fired up to vote for me after this rally!"

    Thursday, April 7 | John Locke & Cygnal

    Ted Budd-32%; McCrory-21%; Walker-7%; Eastman-1%

    Ted Budd-45%; Beasley-43% | McCrory-41%; Beasley-41%

    NOTE: JLF is strongly supported by a well-known, and well-liked of course, McCrory gubernatorial staffer who is a maxed-out donor to the McCrory campaign and has contributed at least six-figures to the McCrory Super-PAC.

    Wednesday, April 6 | Club for Growth

    Ted Budd-44%; McCrory-31%; Walker-11%; Eastman-3%

    NOTE: CFG had endorsed Ted Budd for US Senate.

    Wednesday, April 6 | Spry Strategies

    Ted Budd-47%; McCrory-15%; Walker-9%; Eastman-2%

    JDF NOTE: Look, it's my job to tell you that Ted Budd is stomping on everyone, but even I'm skeptical we are winning by 32%. That said, this survey is more substantive than most of what McWalker gets the Charlotte Observer to cover so I'll throw it out there and maybe they'll write a story saying the hometown guy is losing by 32%.

    Tuesday, April 5 | CBS-17 in Raleigh & Emerson College Polling

    Ted Budd-38%; Pat McCrory-22%; Mark Walker-9%; Marjorie Eastman-1%

    Ted Budd-50%; Beasley-43% | McCrory-41%; Beasley-43%

    NOTE: It's an independent poll and none of us on the campaign can tell you where Emerson College is but FiveThirtyEight gives Emerson College Polling an A-Minus rating.

   Contact: Jonathan Felts
   Email: jdf@TedBudd.com
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