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By Sam Faddis

Once upon a time, the Democratic Party prided itself on being the party of working men and women. It pushed for workplace safety and a living wage. It stood for human dignity. Not anymore. Now the Democratic Party is owned by globalists and corporate elitistsIt stands for the offshoring of jobs to nations where workers have no rights.

And, when it comes to those jobs that can’t be offshored, the Democratic Party prefers importing slaves to paying living wages and worrying about working conditions.

Our border is wide open. Flooding across it are vast numbers of people, many of them underage, unaccompanied boys and girls. The corporate media’s narrative is that these are children somehow separated from their parents who must be rushed into the nation and reunited with their loved ones so they can pursue the American dream, get an education and realize their potential.

Nowhere in any of this is there a mention of the awful truth. These children are being effectively bought and sold as cheap labor to do the nation’s most distasteful and grueling jobs.

By law, unaccompanied minors who are encountered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are transferred to shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  In practice, most of the actual handling of these minors from this point on is done by contractors such as Catholic Charities. The children are transported to locations all around the country and then released into the care of sponsors with no effective monitoring system of any kind in place.

According to HHS, 122,731 unaccompanied children were referred to the agency by DHS in Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. This was an increase from 15,381 the year before. Of these HHS released 107,686 unaccompanied children to adult sponsors (usually family members) in FY 2021. During the first three months of FY 2022 (October 2021-December 2021), the agency released another 34,328 unaccompanied children to sponsors. Most of these children are teenagers – with over 70% being 15-17.

The minors then usually purchase false identification documents from brokers who provide this illegal service all over the nation.  A huge percentage of the kids never enter school. Instead, they go to work in places like food-processing plants making minimum wage at best.  Given that many of them owe huge debts to the drug cartels that moved them to the border, most of what these children earn goes to pay that debt. They are effectively slaves, leading miserable lives and condemned to a future of unskilled labor and servitude.

One source who talked to AND Magazine, but wishes to remain anonymous, detailed how at a federal migrant processing facility for minors in Texas at least a third of the young men in custody already knew where they would be working before they had even been released.

A recent investigative report by Reuters focused on one Guatemalan migrant girl named Amelia to illustrate the horrors of this system. Amelia borrowed $10,000 dollars and paid that amount to smugglers to get her through Mexico. After she crossed into Arizona she turned herself in to border authorities. She was then moved to a shelter for migrant children run by HHS.

From the shelter, HHS moved her to Alabama where she was released into the care of her sister. When social workers contracted by HHS showed up to ask about enrolling Amelia in school they were told school was not for her. Amelia’s sister then connected her with brokers who could provide her with false documents. For $1,500, one broker obtained Amelia a social security number and another secured an I.D. The man providing the I.D. requested a digital photo and asked Amelia, “What age do you want to be?”

The broker told Amelia and her sister that the documents were linked to a real social security number. That meant that Amelia’s documents could pass E-Verify, a federal system designed to allow employers to check whether prospective employees are allowed to work legally.

Amelia then presented her false documents to a local staffing firm. That firm got her a job at a chicken processing plant. Amelia now works six days a week at the plant. She lives in a trailer park with her sister. Most of what she makes she sends home to her parents in Guatemala to use to pay off the money she still owes to the smugglers who brought her here. Her intention is one day to return to Guatemala, but she has no idea when she will have finished paying back the money she borrowed. For now, she is trapped.

In Amelia’s case, it appears that she was at least placed with a real relative. Federal investigations of the placement of migrant children into food processing plants have found that in some cases the children are brought here in the first place to take jobs and that dozens of them are then released to the same address and the same “sponsor.” Thousands of children, after having been released by HHS, appear to have simply disappeared and were likely moved to other locations where they were put to work.

This is the reality of Joe Biden’s immigration “policy.” It masquerades as some kind of philanthropic venture to help the poor and disadvantaged. It is nothing of the kind. It is a cold, calculating industrial-scale effort to feed helpless children into a system that will use them, degrade them and keep them destitute and powerless.

This is not immigration. This is slavery.



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( April 28th, 2022 @ 4:05 pm )
This article fails to address a major problem with the "unaccompanied minor" illegal aliens. and that is that many of them are actually adults who are posing as children for the advantages that offers in crossing the border. The US does not do any testing but just takes the illegal alien's word for their age. Norway did start testing, using dental development examinations, and found that ninety percent (90%) of those claiming to be unaccompanied minors were, in fact, adults who were lying about their age. Orher European countries have had similar results. So why do we not test? At least offer them a polygraph. Recently, Florida had a 22 year old illegal alien, who had just been transported to the state by the Biden DHS, murder an American citizen father, and it was discovered that he had claimed to be 16 when he crossed the border. In Germany, an illegal alien, who crossed the border claiming to be 16, raped and murdered the medical student daughter of a high EU official, and at trial his own father told the court the defendant was actually 27 years old.

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