Sloan Rackmuth threatens voters | Beaufort County Now | Many of you know that Sloan and I have had what I thought was a friendship relationship for more than a year. However, recently, that appears to have come to an end.

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    Many of you know that Sloan and I have had what I thought was a friendship relationship for more than a year. However, recently, that appears to have come to an end.

    I was contacted by some friends in the western part of the state, and they told me about a man named Brian Echevarria who was running for a State House seat in Cabarrus County. They asked me to check him out because they feared that he was a Democrat who was running as a Republican. I also heard that Sloan and several other grass roots organizations had endorsed his candidacy.

    I checked Brian's background which was full of questionable business practices. There was no evidence that he had any visible means of support. So, I called Sloan to make her aware of these findings. When I did, she brought down hell on me and was yelling at me. Here I thought I was helping her. Later, she texted me and severed out relationship.

    That was her decision and I accept her position. But the fact of this man's background remains unchanged.

    In my discussion with Sloan, I mentioned the name of Harvey West who she has criticized very heavily for an incident 30 years ago. Harvey paid his debt to society and has been a great and well respected member of the Republican party ever since. Most people that I know think as I do that everyone needs a second chance, all except Sloan and a few others.

    So, Sloan went up one side of me and down the other in our phone call ignoring my views about Harvey and using his past to absorb some of the criticism about Brian.

    All of this was bad enough, but she also sent me some text messages which were unkind at best. Then I found out that she was threatening others just because they asked questions about Brian and the process that was used to vet his candidacy. What I have learned about the vetting was that he was asked some questions and his answers were taken at face value. That seems to be how this whole thing got started.

    When I called Sloan, I not only mentioned Harvey West but my intent was to make her aware of what we were finding in case she might consider withdrawal of their endorsement. I did not bring up her criticism of Bob Steinburg who was criticized for some statements that he made in a recorded discussion and which she took differently that he intended.

    The information about Brian is publicly available to all who want honesty and truth in politics. There are reports of Democrats posing as Republicans to get elected, then return to their old practices. I have no means to know for a fact that Brian is one of those people but he certainly should be asked about his past. If he is a true Republican, the dems will certainly uncover the same information that we got and use it to smear him.

    In a text of Apr 29, Sloan stated that "Every woman in the Republican Party that is under 700 lbs has been critical of Harvey West." She also stated that the "assholes" who support Harvey, "they better give me the respect that I deserve they are going to get a hell of a lot more criticism."

    I am sending this to you all so that you can judge this situation for yourselves. It is not my intent to harm Sloan, but her actions and threats should not be swept under the rug. I believed that she was a great spokesperson on the issue of CTR and still do. But I am concerned about her support of people like Brian who look appealing and say the right things then fail to support the party once elected.
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