RINO Kevin McCarthy tries to buy 1st District House nomination for Roberson | Eastern North Carolina Now

RINO Kevin McCarthy is Paul Ryan's handpicked successor as GOP leader in the House, and as big a RINO as Ryan and Boehner were.  Like his predecessors, he is spending DC beltway money to try to  buy nominations for swamp type "Republicans".  He is dropping over half a million dollars in eastern North Carolina to try to buy the Congressional nomination in the nearby 1st district.

McCarthy's vicious attack ads, which hit personal issues rather than policy issues, go after candidate Sandy Smith, whom his polls must show as the frontrunner.  The candidate he is supporting is the controversial and shady Rocky Mount Mayor Sandy Roberson.  Roberson, although a nominal Republican, has contributed to Democrat campaigns including that of far left  Democrat NC Attorney General Josh Stein.  There have been a series of financial scandals during Roberson's tenure as mayor of Rocky Mount.

There is a long list of candidates in this primary, and someone else could win the nomination given the dust up between Smith and Roberson.  For example, Billy Strickland is running ads hitting Smith and Roberson on policy issues and suggesting voters not vote "for a Sandy".  Strickland hits Roberson for Democrat contributions and Smith for her connections to the solar boondoggle.

The big concern is the DC swamp meddling in a North Carolina primary, however.

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