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Based on some political meetings that I have recently been involved in, it is aparent that Republicans are in a very strong position to win big in the fall elections.

Press Release:

    Based on some political meetings that I have recently been involved in, it is aparent that Republicans are in a very strong position to win big in the fall elections. Howerver, it is equally aparent that the rhinos and liberals in the Republican party are more intent than ever in driving out conservatives.

    Our most important races are entirely in Beaufort County. The state and federal races, other than the judges, are pretty much set, provided conservatives come out and vote. Those important races are for the school board nd county commisioners. We must elect our conservative republican commisioner candidates and our school board candidates. Installing our conservative candidates will strongly reinforce our conservative cause. Their wiinning will stop the growth in county government and get the school sytem back to educating our children. Both education and county government are out of control.

    The county increased spending 5.6 million dollars this year that is a 14 p3ercent increase. It will eventually become an increase in taxes. I do not need to explain the disaster in our liberally run school system.

    We still need money to target the liberals and democrats. Make your checks out to: beaufort county conservative republican pac (bccrp). Send to:
    Att: Hood Richardson

    110 West Second Street

    Washington, N.C. 27889

    Our next meeting is Thursday July 21 at 6:00 pm at King Chicken Restaurant in Washington.

   Contact: Hood Richardson

Should Beaufort County's Commissioners fund more projects, while adding to the county government work force, or, should these servants to the People work to cut wasteful spending, and give the taxpayers of Beaufort County a break on taxes, possibly starting a new purpose for their existence?
  Yes, please spend more; so much needs to be done in Beaufort County, and we need more government employees doing it.
  No, please work to be frugal; more mindful that this is the public's money, and return to taxpayers what is not absolutely needed.
  Why should I pay attention to stuff?
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( July 16th, 2022 @ 2:59 pm )
It is Waters and his liberal buddies who keep us in the continuation budget mode. Just add to last years budget. Never cut. Waters believes commissioners do not know enough about government to make decisions. According to Waters we should allow staff to run things. Spending goes up every year along with the size and luxury of county vehicles. Any idiot can do a continuation budget, I guess that is why continuation budgets appeal to Waters and his buddies.
( July 16th, 2022 @ 11:32 am )
Fiscally conservative budgeting involves techniques like zero-based budgeting. The Langley - Waters coalition use big spending techniques to keep spending and taxes high. The county commission has two conservatives, Deatherage and Dunn running and two big spending liberals, Waters and Booth, for three seats. We need to elect both fiscal conservatives, and defeat one of the big spenders, and it really does not matter whether that is Booth or Waters.
( July 16th, 2022 @ 8:42 am )
Thanks CT for the credit for coining "'Center /Left Coalition' of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners," which occurred shortly after Rebholz joined the Board of County Commissioners after he was selected as the so-called "best replacement" for the departed Gary Brinn by the Beaufort County GOP.

And RINO Hunter, yes, Frankie Waters is a classic RINO; really a Democrat in Republican cloaking, just begging to NOT be found out. Why any self-professed "Conservative" would vote for that fool is a wonder to me. Maybe, the continuing education that good media sources provide, like this one, are lost on those that continue to know very little about so much.
( July 15th, 2022 @ 8:16 pm )
The RINO kingpin on the commission is clearly Frankie Waters and he is up for election this year. Waters needs to be replaced by someone who at least thinks like a Republican since Waters is in bed with Langley.
( July 15th, 2022 @ 1:53 pm )
We do not need to elect commissioners if all they can do is increase our "continuation budget" by the amount of inflation. The lack of intellect among three of our Republican commissioners is devastating to the people of Beaufort County. The two Democrats take them for a ride every day. By the way, Rebholz does not seem to know how to select the denominator when figuring percentages.
( July 15th, 2022 @ 12:57 pm )
"Center-left government"? I never thought about it that way, Stan, but that is a very apt description of what Beaufort County has in office. Frankie Waters and Jerry Langley are almost joined at the hip in the way they vote. In this election, there is not a dime's worth of difference between Frankie Waters and Ed Booth on issues. Waters changed his party registration on paper a short time before he ran for commissioner, but he has never changed his tax-and-spend mentality. Waters has been pulling the wool over the eyes of Republican voters for far too long.
( July 15th, 2022 @ 9:24 am )
Beaufort County Commissioner John Rebholz: Bidenflation is destroying many hardworking American's way of life, which speaks directly to the fact that Democratic Socialist policies are bad for those of us who truly pull the freight here in Beaufort County.

Locally, with the proud Center /Left Coalition of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners ruling at the behest of Beaufort County's bureaucracy, you, as a county commissioner of that coalition, are part of the problem, where Democratic Socialist policies are accepted as today's inescapable mode of governing in Washington, DC and Beaufort County.

If Leftist governing is truly the full reason behind Bidenflation, then it stands to Right reasoning that only more able Conservatives' measures will work to STOP this aberration of the proper common sense allocation of the People's money wisely and well.

This is a prime example of your governing by measures to accommodate Bidenflation in Beaufort County, which is decidedly destroying my constituents way of life, while your Center /Left Coalition of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners have long governed and will continue to govern by your stated pride in such grand "bipartisanship" on this seven member board that seats only two Democratic Socialists and five "Republican" board members of these 7 seated commissioners.

Can you NOT understand how 'this (5"R" to 2D split) math' just doesn't work for this Real Conservative - Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage, R (a real R)?
( July 15th, 2022 @ 7:49 am )
Increasing the number of county employees at a time that the county is losing population according to the census is nothing but spendthrift policy. The most blatant is the hiring of a spin doctor, a "Communications Director" for $95.000 a year. That is nothing but pure waste of taxpayer money.

Raising government spending in the face of inflation is the same policy as Biden and it just causes more inflation. Obviously, to the extent the county government buys fuel and food, those line items need to increase, but much of what was added was just fluff like that Communications Director.
( July 14th, 2022 @ 1:26 pm )
Unfortunately Hood's math needs some help. A $5.6 mil increase of a $67.5 mil budget is 8.3% not 14.3%. Note, inflation is now running 9.1% and county government is not exempt. Energy, fuel, materials and all other costs are subject to inflation also. Taxes were not increased. Also note that almost 1/3 of our budget is just a passthrough from the State to the Department of Social Services and the Health Department.

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