Accountability Absolute Answer for Gun Abuse | Eastern North Carolina Now | We do not need gun control. We need accountability for gun abuse and, personal behavior. We do not have the stomach, the treasure or opportunity to recover a decent society unless we adamantly involve ourselves in reinstating one.

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Why do people struggle for answers to gun abuse? The issue isn’t gun control. The instrument does not kill.

Historically, our culture’s foundation was guns are a worthy instrument to feed, for sport and for defense. Our governing foundation is the government will never be the only one with guns, for very good reason. History is replete with tyrannical governments causing public submission by denying weapons of self defense and resulting millions in civilian casualties.

The problem with abuse of guns is summed up in one word. Accountability. It’s the absolute answer to gun abuse. Most liberals have absolutely no integrity in complaining about gun abuse. Do you find that outrageous? Let’s investigate the facts.

Popular progressive policies like defunding the police give the bad guys actual license to act out both by emboldening them, because police do not have the means to control crime or by making them cause celeb when they do.

I could fill this column with facts about the ill effects of liberal policies. In 2020 Oregon became the first state to decriminalized personal possession of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD to encourage treatment. A massive multi-million dollar failure as there has been a 700% increase in overdoses and a 120% increase in overdose deaths. Most from opioids and fentanyl-laced methamphetamine that comes from China- many liberals favorite country and comes through Mexico, again the liberals favorite place to decide laws do not matter, bad behavior is celebrated and encouraged and any complaint is labeled racist. Our porous border brings death and destruction through gangs, drug and human traffickers, etc., and are personally delivered to your home town thanks to Catholic Charities, liberal government and so-called progressive policies. Go ahead and argue this has no effect on gun abuse.

No-bond and zero bail policies, the left’s favorite cult-personality George Soros’ pet project, who pours millions into judicial races ensuring criminals are back on the street as quickly as possible.

Any effect on gun abuse? Liberal, soft-on-crime policies have ruined the quality of life in cities across America. Every excuse to make the criminal the victim and hold no one to account for crime has turned this nation’s urban areas to a cesspool and it’s quickly infiltrating rural America. All we need is love, right? The love demonstrated by the left’s favorite domestic terrorists who act out in the name of Antifa and BLM while they kill, loot, burn and riot with little if any accountability.

Then of course is the socio and economic shaming of anyone who doesn’t embrace, model or encourage debauchery that is presented as perfectly acceptable and indoctrinated through our media and schools. Say one word in objection, you’ll be canceled. Now these enabled, “victims” who’ve been told how much they’re victims, feel license to exact revenge on those the left labels perpetrators among us. Not because of any act, but because of what they look like, heritage and ancestry. Ironic, right?

Remember the 1960’s liberals? Accept no authority? They demand you hand over your personal liberty, your voice, your medical decisions, your self defense, your child’s education and “well-being”, directly to a bigger and bigger government to interfere in your life in all ways possible. In the name of government manipulated, “science”, of course!

We’re required to contribute more of our earnings to compensate those who simply choose not to, as liberals define “kinds” of deprived persons worthy to take from others as “equity”. We’re no longer a nation that achieved equal opportunity, we’re many spoiled, entitled thugs, taught they have the absolute authority to violently take from others. Smash & grab, random shooting in the street, car jackings, assault, burglary. This science fiction version of, “The Purge” has arrived as liberal policy. Sound extreme? Fact check me. Thugs roaming our streets vandalizing, looting, murdering who explain they are victims and deserving, thanks to the, “oprahisms” they’ve been fed as a steady diet.

Taxpayers spent $22 trillion+ on Johnson's war on poverty. Three times the cost of all military wars since the American Revolution. To accept, celebrate and reward having children with no support from both parents and welfare costs rising from $671 per person to $19,355 in 2018. That totals $77,418 for a family of four whose poverty threshold is $25,701. You think entitlement leads to abuse of guns?

Our nation is a filthy, disrespectful, self-centered, perverse, entitled universe. At best, many hide hoping the inevitable total consumption of what our liberty was intended for is not sucked out of each of us by those demanding capitulation.

We do not need gun control. We need accountability for gun abuse and, personal behavior. We do not have the stomach, the treasure or opportunity to recover a decent society unless we adamantly involve ourselves in reinstating one.

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