Dump TRUMP? America First, MAGA Patriots are not that Stupid! | Eastern North Carolina Now | Todd Starnes raised the question on his radio show on June 29 when he asked whether we Americans are so tired of the unselect January 6 committee and others raising you-know-what about false charges they are leveling against President Trump...

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Todd Starnes raised the question on his radio show on June 29 when he asked whether we Americans are so tired of the unselect January 6 committee and others raising you-know-what about false charges they are leveling against President Trump (and will continue to level until a shocker is announced the day before mid-term Election Day) that Ron Desantis is beginning to look good and we're ready to abandon Donald Trump.

My answer is, "NO!"

We haven't lost our minds, and we're not likely to.  President Trump epitomizes the spirit that created the great American experiment of independent, self-sufficient people who understand their God-given freedoms and are determined to create a good life for themselves and their families, so they took care of their own needs and created a government that is designed to protect the rights, freedoms, and safety of we the people.  Beyond that, the national government was restricted from exercising broad powers; we did not give them permission to do anything not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

Americans with the spirit President Trump exhibits traveled west with their families and a few precious possessions and created new lives of opportunity and plenty, they built railroads, harnessed power, created labor saving devices, and built sky-scrapers.  One of my husband's favorite movies involves a family traveling west.  They go through hardships and challenges, and the father repeatedly asks for God's wisdom and guidance on how to deal with them.  Finally, after traversing a particularly rough piece of terrain, they come over a rise and there before them is a lush, beautiful valley with a small river running through it.  The father kneels and prays, "Thank you, God.  I think I can take it from here."

I can see a parallel between the father traveling west with his family and President Trump.  We the American people are Trump's family, and he is leading us back to our good roots.  Like the father traveling west, he is strong among people, but humble before God, and isn't shy about asking for his support.  I'll bet you have noticed that he often entreats God to bless America in speeches.  I thought so.  I have, too.

Yes, President Trump is the ideal leader for America now.

The more the left/globalists/unselect committee go after President Trump, the more they show they fear him.  Tee-hee.  Let them have MORE of him to deal with!  He tied them in knots before; he's a fast learner, and he can do it even better the next time.  Besides, he is the leader we choose (twice), and we WILL have him lead!  We've shown remarkable restraint, but we're determined, and so is he.  Just think of all that he did for our country with all the bad guys gunning for him.  We need to send the bad guys packing, install his chosen candidates in office, and successfully return President Trump to the White House, stay vigilant so that we can help when opportunities arise, and enjoy the return of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity to all our citizens.  With our help, President Trump can do that, and he's more than earned the opportunity!  Instead of just living a life of luxury, he chose to take on the alligators in the swamp, and boy is he giving them fits!  You go, Mr. President!

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