Constitutional Requirements 'Unconstitutional' | Eastern North Carolina Now | It seems this patriotic national hero, along with his twin brother Yevgeny, are featured in a Ken Burns documentary America.  This was filmed long before our beloved hero was offered the job of Ukrainian Secretary of War, as recognition for his selfless service in the role of Ukrainian-American...

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You have often heard my critiques of North Carolina laws and courts.  The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear next session, too late for the 2022 elections, the complaint that the North Carolina state court system has countermanded the Constitutional specification that state legislatures exclusively make the rules for “Times, Places and Manner” of elections.  Democrat Party state courts have defined the rules and legislative and Congressional district boundaries across the nation.


Pull up the citation and examine the opening graphic depiction of the North Carolina Congressional district boundaries in effect until 2022.  These are the boundaries established by the Democrat state court justices.  Note in particular the yellow 1st Congressional District, which was my district, in its shape and extent from north to south, and east to west.  Two discontiguous portions are connected to the grotesque main body by the centerline of two state highways.  

Today the Democrat Party and their pet North Carolina state court Progressive judges have countermanded the new Congressional district maps, based on 2020 census figures, drawn by the legislature.  These legislature-drawn maps were deemed unconstitutional because Republicans, who are all by definition racists, oversaw the maps.  The claim is that the racist Republican maps are too gerrymandered to be allowed.  That, by the same people who drew and enforced the North Carolina 1st Congressional District you see in yellow.

The Democrat Party champions across the nation are up in arms over the idea that Republican state legislatures can challenge the unconstitutionality of court-drawn maps.  Although the case is too late to affect North Carolina Congressional elections this year, to be conducted by the Democrat Party court-drawn maps, the case will be decided in time for the 2024 Presidential election.


Electronic version of the New York Times yesterday reports that the airlines are experiencing the consequences of their firing all their senior flight and ground crews who chose not to get the Poison Death Shots.  Holiday flights are being cancelled by the thousands, for lack of personnel.

By the way, Doctor Zelenko, who coined the term "Poison Death Shot," died a few days ago.  He was the first authority I studied who demonstrated the outrageous lies our government was telling us about everything.

Similar note:  I took Noreen out to eat yesterday afternoon, at a popular local restaurant.  Parking lot almost empty.  Tables and booths almost empty.  “Twenty minute wait.”  Nobody wants to work, when the government pays them better to stay at home.  Make everybody think they are rich, and the economy grinds to a complete halt.


Same paper:  It seems our beloved Internal Revenue Service approved charity status for 76 fake organizations that all had the same PO Box.  At least, not a single one was a conservative political organization.  The IRS does have its standards, after all.


Just a little cultural note.  Remember Alexander Vindman, the “highly decorated combat veteran Army Lieutenant Colonel” who rose to fame during the first Trump impeachment?


It seems this patriotic national hero, along with his twin brother Yevgeny, are featured in a Ken Burns documentary America.  This was filmed long before our beloved hero was offered the job of Ukrainian Secretary of War, as recognition for his selfless service in the role of Ukrainian-American relations.


That does it for me today.

Semper Fi  —  guy

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