Texas Man Accused Of Threatening To Bash Sen. Ted Cruz’s Skull With Brick Deemed A Fugitive | Eastern North Carolina Now | A Texas man accused of threatening Sen. Ted Cruz in a rambling phone call to his office last month is on the lam after failing to show up for a court appearance, authorities said.

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Greg Wilson.

    A Texas man accused of threatening Sen. Ted Cruz in a rambling phone call to his office last month is on the lam after failing to show up for a court appearance, authorities said.

    Isaac A. Nformangum, 22, of Richmond, was charged with making a terroristic threat against Cruz in a June 26 call in which he complained about the Republican Party platform. In the call, which was transcribed and included in the criminal complaint drafted by the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Nformangum allegedly threatened to kill Cruz and his GOP colleagues.

    "Every last one of your Republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be found, and is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull," Nformangum allegedly said in the message. "It is a civic duty of every American citizen or resident to see to it that every last one of your colleagues is to be killed. Killed."

    Nformangum, who addressed Cruz by his full name, Rafael Eduardo Cruz, was arrested shortly after the message was left, but he was released on bond July 3. The district attorney's office told Fox 26 that because Nformangum failed to appear for a court hearing on Friday, he is now considered a fugitive. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

    The message left at Cruz's office was particularly chilling, because the speaker threatened to come after Republican lawmakers at their homes.

    "Be it by finding you in a public space or by trailing you to your very, by your very public homes," the message said. "The addresses of which are public knowledge. You and every one of your colleagues is to be shot dead. Found and killed."

    Prosecutors say the phone number used to make that call was registered to a woman with the last name Nformangum. Investigators uncovered an Instagram account belonging to Isaac Nformangum which included a YouTube video with a recording of his voice which allegedly matched the voice that left the threat.

    "I believe the voice on the recording left on Senator Cruz' voicemail is the same voice heard while watching the YouTube video on the Instagram account associated with Issac [sic] Ambe Nformangum," a Harris County District Attorney's Office investigator attested.
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