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Dawn Slann made another appearance, during the time set aside for public comments, at the August Beaufort County Commissioners meeting.  She used her three minutes to continue to assert that socialism is a good thing .  That is, purchasing a farm tractor so Beaufort County Government can plant test plots for seed companies.

Mrs. Slann missed the point of my article about comments made during her appearance two months ago.  She, again, made the argument that the taxpayers buying farm equipment to compete with private contractors is a good thing.  She criticized me for complaining about socialism because all those poor farmers need taxpayer help.  Her argument was:  Anything the government could do to help farmers or anyone is a good thing. This argument is the heart and soul of American Socialism.  She believes government is good and anything the government does to help anyone is good.  Her argument is based on the idea that it is a legitimate role of government to pick and choose winners and losers with your tax dollars.

The $64,000 tractor is to benefit certain seed companies, not farmers.

We are witnessing American Socialism ruin this great nation.  All we hear from government is give, give, give.  Here are some examples of how far idiopathic socialism has stretched itself.  The use of illegal drugs is a problem, so we give clean needles to make sure drug users remain healthy.  Teenage sex is a problem, so we hand out condoms so teenagers can have safer sex.  Many mothers do not take care of their children, so we provide abortions so the mothers can live a comfortable life.  Many people refuse to work for a living, so we provide them with food and shelter so we do not have to see their disgrace.  All of this is paid for by our socialistic government.

Every year groups make budget requests for “donations” from the County.  Some get them and some don’t.  (More on this in a future article).

Socialism is the taking by force (taxation) of wealth from one person and giving it to benefit another person. I do not know of a single religion in the world that teaches this behavior.  I do know of several   …..isms that teach this.  Basic to capitalism is the Christian teaching “…. To earn our bread by the sweat of our brow”.

Taxpayers should be aware, when Mrs. Slann runs for office again and I believe she will, that she is willing to take your property by force (taxation) and use it to benefit “select” others.  Tax money should be used for the common good. Socialism inevitably leads to corruption.

It is obvious that Mrs. Slann is not concerned at all about the  …isms.  She is focusing on those who are trying to stand in the way of those who will take your money and use it for their friend’s benefit.

It is my job as an elected official to help you protect your wealth, however large or small it may be.  It is only thru the protection of wealth and private property that we all have jobs and security of any kind.  Every country that has allowed socialism to take hold has failed, falling into the darkness of anarchy, and dictatorship and oligarchy.

Mrs. Slann reached into the mud hole with her attempts to present me as being against farmers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was raised on a farm.  The issue is not farmers or farming.  The issue is socialism which is the taking of wealth from some and using it to support others.

Mrs. Slann is not alone in her age old argument.  The taxpayer should focus on the two RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) who voted to take tax money and give it to benefit a select private industry.  They are John Rbholz and Frankie Waters.

I am not addressing the two Democrats who voted for this.  That is their right, they are socialists.  They don’t pretend to be supporters of limited government.  Perhaps Ms. Slann is in the wrong political party.

Frankie Waters is running for election in November of this year.  Ask Frankie to define socialism.  Then ask why he supports socialism.  I do not think he can answer either question in an understandable manner.

The reason our county budget is growing by millions of dollars each year is that Frankie Waters keeps buying things he thinks you need.  Frankie has voted to increase the school budget, while the number of students is declining every year.  Frankie supports more than 4 million dollars to be given to what was Tri County Telephone before Frankie finished with it.  Now Tri County Telephone is owned by a company in the piedmont.  How did that happen?  Frankie was chairman for 8 years, then the company

disappeared.  But Frankie and the Gang of Four are giving Frankie’s old company more than 4 million dollars to improve the internet.  This is a rat hole for money because, within a few years almost everyone will get the internet from satellites and towers, not the 4 million dollars of hard wiring that Frankie is giving away. Does this sound like socialism to you?

Dawn Slann and Frankie Waters need to spend some time deciding how big of a socialist they really are.  Taxpayers, need to decide how much socialism you can afford. 

Vote for Tandy Dunn and Stan Deatherage for Commissioner in the November elections.  They are the honest conservatives running.


Should Beaufort County's Commissioners fund more projects, while adding to the county government work force, or, should these servants to the People work to cut wasteful spending, and give the taxpayers of Beaufort County a break on taxes, possibly starting a new purpose for their existence?
  Yes, please spend more; so much needs to be done in Beaufort County, and we need more government employees doing it.
  No, please work to be frugal; more mindful that this is the public's money, and return to taxpayers what is not absolutely needed.
  Why should I pay attention to stuff?
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( August 9th, 2022 @ 12:21 pm )
The Internet Debacle was to get this service to Rural Beaufort County. Anywhere that his previous employee cannot reach can be reached by HughesNet at a very affordable price. Hood is right on satellites. They are already being tested and in a short time, they will replace all underground cables. This is a real concern for the cable companies.
( August 9th, 2022 @ 8:24 am )
Dawn Slann seems to be the local version of Liz Cheney or Thom Tillis.
( August 9th, 2022 @ 8:00 am )
The Hood is right about how Socialism is quickly creeping into every facet of government, and how now, even so-called Republicans, are advocating for all they can get of it.
( August 9th, 2022 @ 7:56 am )
No wonder Slann would not reveal where she stood on taxes and spending in her failed campaign. She is a Biden-style big spender and her doubling down on support of this boondoggle shows it. Beaufort County does not need to be wasting taxpayer money on this socialism. There is lots of other unnecessary wasteful spending in our budget like that ridiculous propaganda czar they created with a $95,000 a year salary.

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