House passes Manchin-Schumer climate / tax bill | Eastern North Carolina Now | misnamed "inflation reduction act" to raise middle class taxes

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On a straight party line vote, the House has passed the Manchin - Schumer "inflation reduction act" which in fact increases inflation. It also raises taxes during a recession, more than doubles the size of the IRS to  send out 87,000 new auditors to squeeze more tax out of Americans, and creates massive subsidies for expensive and unreliable "green energy" that will jack up utility costs.

The Democrats refused to wait for the Congressional Budget Office to score the legislation, but their initial findings showed that at least $20 billion of the new taxes in the bill will fall on the middle and working classes.  Manchin's approval rating in his home state of West Virginia fell by 27 points from his support for this bill.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) pointed out that we are hiring four infantry divisions of IRS to go after working Americans on taxes while doing nothing on the IRS refund backlog.  Other congressmen have pointed out that we are hiring 87,000 IRS auditors but no new border patrol or school resource officers.

Since the focus of this bill is climate alarmism, it is fitting to remember Climategate when they data manipulation by climate alarmist scientists was exposed in hacked emails.  This satire "Hide the Decline" by Minnesotans for Global Warming is to the tune of Tommy James and the Shondells "Draggin' the Line":


Here is another good music video from Minnesotans for Global Warming, "I'm a Denier" to the tune of The Monkees "I'm a Believer", featuring Al Gore, Chicken Little and a Michael Mann lookalike:

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