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I admit that I have had a tough summer and need what I am about to write as much as anyone else.  We are in the dog days of summer, the most miserable part, especially if you have to do anything out of doors.

Many people continue to say to me they believe they are depressed and just do not feel like the future is bright.  If you are anything like a normal American Citizen and you are not at least disappointed, you are definitely not normal.  One of the few pieces of cheerful news is that we have not been hit by an Atlantic Coast hurricane,,,yet.

The national political scene is tragic, a disgrace and offers little prospect of change other than to elect a majority of conservative Republicans to the Federal House and Senate and at the state and local levels.  Even winning the House and Senate gives little hope because of the remaining two years of the most incompetent, anti-American, and criminal rule forced upon us by the Biden family and the Socialist Democrat Party.

Therefore, our political joy has to be cooked up close to home.  There is abundant work to be done in our back yard.  Not all political policy comes from Washington, DC.  Much of the present unhappiness comes from people near us.  Any local official, including a school board member, who is willing to resist and even fight the terrible policies that come from Washington DC and Raleigh, NC. should be supported and voted into office.  Our school systems are horrible.  Our students do not get the basics in reading writing and arithmetic.  They get indoctrination into socialism and communism with no opportunity for an intellectual education.

Who we elect for County Commissioners is vital for setting policy.  The mush brains sitting on the Beaufort County Board will not take strong stands on education, immigration or social programs.  They opt for Bigger Government when adopting policy, particularly budgetary policy.  Most other County commissions are equally as defective.

Let us throw some of these bums out and put in some new people.  We cannot do any worse than we have already done.  Many Commissioners cannot tell the difference between socialism, communism and capitalism.  They prove their ignorance at every public meeting.

Political parties, both Democrat and Republican, are disasters when it comes to supporting the Constitution of the United States.  There is plenty of talk, but the actions all to often go in the direction of socialism and communism. 

The Beaufort County Republican Party refuses to require loyalty to the party platform (principles). Frankie Waters and John Rebholz willingly formed a partnership with two Democrats to decide who controls the Board.  Republican principles are set aside to suit the will of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.  We have five elected Republicans but the two Democrats control the Board with the approval of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee. 

In order to attempt to insure that RINO (Republican In name Only), Frankie Waters is elected this fall, the Republican Executive Committee sent our war chest of money ($14,000)  to state wide office candidates so it could not be used to elect conservative Republicans in Beaufort County.  We have three Republican school board candidates and two conservative Republicans running against one Democrat and Fake Frankie for County Commissioner.

Here is how it worked.  There are six Republicans running for school board and commissioner.  Five of those people are conservative.  Only one is a liberal RINO and that is Frankie Waters.  He is the darling of the insiders on the Republican Executive Committee.  That $14,000 was all of the Republican Campaign money we had. It should have been used to support Beaufort County conservative Republicans.  The money was sent out of county so it could not be used to elect Conservative Republicans.  This was done during a secret meeting with Hood Richardson being ejected from the meeting before it started.  The committee that was set up to recommend how to support our candidates was back stabbed by Paul Varco and the RINO’s.  This is a big advantage to Fake Frankie.

If you have political money, please give it to a candidate or the Conservative Republican Club.    

As a whole, our political situation is bleak and depressing.  However, getting those three school board conservative Republicans elected and stopping the collusion between Fake Frankie and the Democrats would be a big win in Beaufort County this November

The school Board candidates are: Charles Hickman, Don Schreve, and  Gary Carlton.  The Commissioner candidates are Stan Deatherage and Tandy Dunn. These candidates deserve the support of the Republican Party.  Running for any public office is a challenge financially and personally.

If you want to change government, change the people who are running government.  Elections have consequences.

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( August 15th, 2022 @ 11:56 am )
What I can't seem to wrap my head around is this: Why did the local GOP chairman single out 7 term commissioner Hood Richardson, and banish him from these discussions and subsequent vote, while allowing Representative Keith Kidwell to remain for these discussions as the chief advocate for sending the party's war chest out of the county to Republican candidates far, far away?

The qualifying similarities for both elected Republicans are exactly the same: Both are not voting members of the Beaufort County Republican Party Executive Committee, but both are functioning ex-officio members of that same executive committee.

I am usually fairly adroit at figuring out all manner of problems, a big bunch of them technical in nature; however, I cannot, for the life of me, discern why one elected Republican would be allowed to promote and defend a position, while the other elected Republican, of like status, would be banished from that very room where this now challenged decision was made, absent from any discussion at that time by The Hood.

Seriously here: Can someone please help me to understand the why of it?

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