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The single biggest complaint within the Republican Party, nationally, at the state level and at the county level is about fake or phony Republicans, euphemistically known as RINO’s or Republican In Name Only.  Some popular names are Mitt Romney, Thom Tillis, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, etc, etc, etc, Mostly these people spend a lot of time telling us what they know we want to hear, and then when convenient doing whatever helps them the most.  For example, Tillis likes to collect money from some very questionable sources that do not support the Republican platform.  Liz Cheney hates conservatives like Donald J. Trump.  McConnell uses his Senate PAC funds to knock out conservative Senate candidates like Judge Roy Moore from Alabama.  Tillis need not run for senate in North Carolina again.   McConnell is smarting over a defamation lawsuit Judge Moore won this past week in the amount of approximately eight million dollars. Liz Cheney lost her primary in Wyoming this week by a large majority. 

Have you ever heard a Democrat accuse anyone of being a Democrat In Name Only (DINO)?  This is not much of a problem in the Democrat Party.

We have our own RINO’s here in Beaufort County.  Chief among them is Republican Party Darling Fake Frankie Waters.  It is a glaring fact that Frankie Waters has colluded with Democrats Jerry Langley and Ed Booth during the past three years to get himself elected to be Chairman of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners.  It is far worse than his just getting elected chairman.  Frankie votes for Democrat Jerry Langley to be Vice Chairman.  It gets worse than that.  Fake Republican Frankie Waters votes with the Democrats to control most major aspects of Beaufort County’s business.  That is, they control the budget. They vote to support increasing the county budget spending each year, and to increase the number of people on the county payroll each year.

Now tell me, what is the difference between Fake Frankie and Joe Biden?  Biden spends trillions and Frankie spends millions.  Frankie says he is most proud of expanding EMS.  But ask anyone who has called 911 how much the bill was for taking them to the hospital.  Ask Frankie to show you the data to prove upgrading EMS has produced better health care.  For Fake Frankie and his RINO and Demo buddies, it is good because more is being spent on it.  Just like Joe "Trillions" Biden.

Beaufort County, with five Republicans sitting on the Board of Commissioners, is actually run by Democrats.

The number of county employees has increased each year Fake Frankie has been chairman and the spending has gone up each year.  Our spending increased by 5.6 million this year and we hired a “minister of propaganda,” a communications expert, at a cost of $90,000.  Fake Frankie and his gang paid $64,000 for a farm tractor this  year, so the county could plant corn and soy bean  plots for seed companies, not only in Beaufort County but in surrounding counties.

Frankie and his buddies are using increased revenues, in the millions, collected during the past three years, from increased sales taxes and increased taxes on new construction to spend like drunken sailors.  Because of these increased revenues they do not have to raise taxes.   This works fine until the economy goes into recession, which is about to happen.  Then Fake Frankie Waters will start telling us we have to raise taxes to make up the short fall. 

We could have had a reduction in taxes this year of ten percent if Fake Frankie Waters and his buddies had not wasted it on, the farm tractor, one million dollars for free tuition for the Community College, increasing the school budget by about one half million dollars while the student population continues a decline, funding a risky way to provide workman’s compensation insurance to our employees, hiring the communications expert (propaganda minister) and giving every department in county government everything they asked for,  This is how Democrats do things, not Real Republicans.

The Democrat voting block consists of Fake Frankie, Jerry Langley, Ed Booth and RINO John Rebholz.  They always vote together on the budget, increased spending and hiring more employees.

Frankie has the full support of Carolyn Garris, Paul Varco, Keith Kidwell and the somewhat majority of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee.

Frankie Waters received major support from the Beaufort County Executive Committee when they sent the approximately $14,000 in the treasury out of the county to help state-wide candidates.   If this money had been kept in Beaufort County to support our conservative Republican School Board candidates and our conservative Commissioner candidates, Fake Frankie Waters would have stood out like a very sore thumb. He is a RINO supporting Democrats.  His chances of election would have been slim.

The liberal majority on the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee knew this.  They showed their dislike for conservative Republicans by refusing to support them in the November elections. 

This is how the vote at the July Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee was conducted.  Their deceit and underhanded methods are as follows.  First, Carolyn Garris, Chairman of the Executive Committee demanded that Hood Richardson leave the room. She demanded that all other persons who were not voting members leave the room.  Carolyn Garris allowed persons who had been voted off the Executive Committee for not attending meetings to be allowed to remain in the room and to vote.   Carolyn Garris, had the doors to the meeting locked for the vote on how to use the party’s money.  This became another secret meeting.

Carolyn Garris claims that I gave up my membership on the Executive Committee when I resigned my elected membership granted to me by the County Convention.  However, I have a ex-officio membership guaranteed by the party’s Plan of Organization, as do all elected Republicans.  I also have a right to be in the meeting because I was appointed to be a member of the committee that was to recommend how the money was to be used.  What Carolyn Garris did was illegal under the rules of operation of both the State and the County Republican Party.

The committee that I served on recommended that the approximately $14,000 be used to support our local candidates and the party’s Sheriff nominee in November.

Now you know why I was thrown out of the meeting along with others, and why those who no longer served on the board were allowed to vote.  Carolyn Garris and Paul Varco needed their vote to help Frankie.

If you have political money to donate, please give it directly to conservative candidates or the Beaufort County Conservative Club PAC. 

The conservative Republican candidates for the School Board, are: Charles Hickman, Don Schreve and Gary Carlton.   John LaCava, an un-affiliated conservative, is also running for the School Board.

Tandy Dunn and Stan Deatherage are conservative Republicans running for the Board of County Commissioners.  There are three seats open.  Two of the Republicans will surely be elected along with one Democrat, Ed Booth. 

The real contest for commissioner is among the Republicans.  With “limited voting” allowing only one vote among the three Republicans, Republicans will have to pick one of the three Republicans running.  Either Stan Deatherage, Tandy Dunn or Frankie Waters.  The conservatives are Tandy Dunn and Stan Deatherage. The RINO is Fake Frankie Waters.  A vote for Frankie is a vote to continue Democrat control of the Board of County Commissioners.  Don’t you think it is about time to give Real Republicans (conservative) a chance to reduce the size of local government and cut spending?  We have an excellent chance if Stan and Tandy are elected.

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( August 30th, 2022 @ 1:56 pm )
It appears that vice chairman Paul Varco was the ringleader, but finding out the others may be difficult. Most organizations count votes but almost never do a roll call of individual votes. Somebody who was there could probably remember how some of them voted, but it is very unlikely to be a complete list. I doubt there is anyone at this stage who could compile a complete list.

It does seem like a stupid way to spend the county party's money.
( August 30th, 2022 @ 8:53 am )
Do We know the names on the Executive Committee who voted to send the majority of Beaufort County Republican Party donated monies out of our County?
( August 22nd, 2022 @ 9:38 am )
Frankie Waters is the RINO problem on the county commission, and he needs to be defeated in November. Frankie is the local equivalent of a Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell. He was a life long Democrat until just weeks become filing to run for commissioner as a "Republican". Waters has been as phony as a three peso bill since the very beginning. He has always worked with the Democrats on the Commission in preference to the Republicans. Waters "switch" to Republican was just a facade to fool the voters. Deep down he has always remained a Democrat and his power plays on the Commission show it very clearly.

That some GOP officials seem to think they have to bow down to Waters is mystifying. The party needs to recognize what Waters is, a Democrat plant, and treat him accordingly.

That allocation of party funds still baffles me. It made no sense whatsoever. I wonder what the real back story is on it.
( August 22nd, 2022 @ 8:50 am )
Well said Hood, and like everything you write, you constantly endeavor to be the bold bearer of what you know to be true.

Thank-you for having the continued courage to do this on every occasion that you can find the time to do so.

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