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In today’s political climate, it is my opinion, that more of the public is intensely examining the character of political figures than during the past two generations.  For one thing, we now have instant communications.  Those communications are being used for evil as well as for honorable purposes.  Those who are alert are sorting through all of the smoke, mirrors, and spin to detect the truth.  We need to be careful in forming opinions because the philosopher tells us “truth” may be a relative thing. 

Friends have reported that a worker in the Beaufort County Republican Headquarters was telling visitors that Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage are not conservative Republicans.  The “truth,” the volunteer headquarters manager said, is  Richardson and Deatherage are RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only).  There has been more than one complaint about the volunteer, Joanne “Jody” Forrest.  There is no question among people who know us as to who are the conservatives and who are the RINO’s on the Commission.

A lot of those who have resided here for a number of years rarely visit the Headquarters.  The Republican Headquarters is a place new residents visit and new voters visit.  These are the people who would be impressed by what a worker at the headquarters would tell them.  It could take years for a newcomer to figure out that they were being deceived… lied to may be a better phrase.

Unethical campaigning by headquarters workers is a continuing problem. During the 2020 election, the headquarters was located within a block of my office on Second Street.  I was a candidate, as was Tandy Dunn.  Several people made a point to walk from the headquarter to my office to inform me that they were told by Republican volunteers in the Headquarters that the Republican Party recommended they vote for John Rebholz and not to vote for Hood Richardson or Tandy Dunn. 

Bill Cook was the Republican Party Chairman at that time.  Carolyn Garris is the Party Chairman today.

Workers in the headquarters should not have to be told to be neutral during a primary election.  Headquarters workers should not recommend any candidate in the Commissioner race at any time because the voter is allowed only one vote.

It is the responsibility of the Chairman to keep the Party headquarters fair and honest during all elections.  Chairman Garris po poed the complaint about Jody Forrest by saying the two people she was talking to simply misunderstood what was being said.  There have been too many complaints about Republican Party workers using the headquarters to support the insiders.

Another example of favoritism:  The party had a program to send email messages to Beaufort County voters during the 2020 elections.  Neither Tandy Dunn or myself were made aware of its existence until long after the election was over and then the discovery was made when someone at an executive committee meeting let the cat out of the bag.  However, John Rebholz used the email list to his great advantage.

The Beaufort County Republican Party gives token support to our conservative candidates for School Board.  Once the primary was over and it became apparent that we had three conservative school board candidates and two conservative commissioner candidates. There would be only one RINO (Frankie Waters) running.  The insiders, by a disreputable vote gave our approximately $14,000 war chest to state candidates. Token amounts were given to the Sheriff Candidate, Scott Hammonds, and 300 hundred dollars was offered to each of the school board candidates.  The vote to do this was held by locking the doors of the meeting room, ejecting Hood Richardson, and allowing people who were not on the Executive Committee to vote.

The Beaufort County Republican Party insults conservative commissioner candidates by allowing Frankie Waters to join with the two Democrats on the Board along with John Rebholz to control the Board.  They vote like Democrats to consistently increase budgets, increase spending and increase the number of county employees.  Frankie Waters is the darling of the Republican insiders.

There are five Republicans on the Board of County Commissioners, but two Democrats run the Board.

It is said “Charity begins at home”. So does honest government.  All of the corrupt government we have in Washington, DC started in small places like Washington NC.  If we were to clean up local government and insist on ethical leadership within both political parties we would quickly ”clean out” Washington, DC.

Vote for conservatives in November.  They are Stan Deatherage, and Tandy Dunn for Commissioner and Gary Carlton, Don Shreve and Charles Hickman for School Board.  Another conservative running for the School Board as an Unaffiliated is John LaCava.

And remember all this when you hear somebody whine about “party unity.”  You can’t have a “unified party” with actions like this.

Should Beaufort County's Commissioners fund more projects, while adding to the county government work force, or, should these servants to the People work to cut wasteful spending, and give the taxpayers of Beaufort County a break on taxes, possibly starting a new purpose for their existence?
  Yes, please spend more; so much needs to be done in Beaufort County, and we need more government employees doing it.
  No, please work to be frugal; more mindful that this is the public's money, and return to taxpayers what is not absolutely needed.
  Why should I pay attention to stuff?
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( September 6th, 2022 @ 9:44 am )
What was really vile, Ms. Garris, was Frankie Waters' woke votes in favor of illegal aliens and against American interests. It was expected that the Democrats on the commission would vote that way and they did, but Waters was the only commissioner who claims to be a Republican to do so when the commission voted to urge more border security. Again, Frankie Waters opposed computing the costs to Beaufort County of the illegal aliens in our midst. Waters votes on illegal immigration issues reflect that he is a puppet on such matters of a small group of big farmers who exploit illegal alien labor.

Stan Deatherage's radio ads were not "nasty". They were informative issue-oriented ads that exposed Frankie Waters' nasty voting record on illegal aliens. I wish Deatherage had raised enough money to get those ads all across the radio dial instead of just one station. If he had, Waters would have been out on his ass, as he needs to be. The ads stated the facts of Waters' nasty voting record which voters needed to know and Waters is not going to tell them himself.

Frankie Waters' woke votes in favor of illegal aliens make him a traitor to America, to Beaufort County, and to the Republican Party. Stan Deatherage is a patriot who understands the threat to our county from Biden's open borders illegal immigration policy and has raised the issue on the county commission.

One other question, Ms. Garris. You state that the Republican Party is not supposed to take sides in primaries or among Republicans in the general election. It appears to me that your comments below are taking sides as county chairwoman in the commissioner race against Stan Deatherage. Do your party rules allow that?
( September 6th, 2022 @ 8:18 am )
Contrary to what some that do not know me may have heard, I am not a RINO or any kind of fill in the blank-ite. My views and positions are no mystery.

I have worked within the Republican Party in a variety of capacities at the precinct, county, district, and state levels over the years. Presently, I'm the Republican candidate for school board in the 2nd District in Beaufort County running as a conservative, Christian, concerned citizen. I welcome honest dialog with anyone.
( September 6th, 2022 @ 8:00 am )
In primaries, candidates attack each other. That was true in this year's primaries from US Senate down to county commissioner. Anyone who follows politics should be aware of that. Some of the most shrill ads were from Pat McCrory attacking Ted Budd. On the county commission, Frankie Waters has always voted like a Democrat and done deals with Democrats, so why in the world should that not be called out? Frankie is Beaufort County's Liz Cheney without the skirt.

Stan Deatherage and Hood Richardson have usually followed Republican principles on the county commission, and Randy Walker and John Rebholz often do. Frankie Waters is in a class by himself as a Democrat stooge on issue after issue. He needs to be called out on that.
( September 5th, 2022 @ 6:22 pm )
In response to Carolyn Garris's Comment, I will always raise strenuous objection to so-called Republicans, who: 1) Leave the Democratic Socialist Party to run for office as a Republican, and then 2) Immediately revert back to a position of caucusing with the Democratic Socialists to work as a voting block to effect policy, oversight and budgeting of the Public's money, while operating under the cloaking and protection of the Republican Party, local or otherwise.

I do not consider these Nominal "Republicans" as real Republicans, and I never will. In fact, I consider this to be text book party disloyalty, and I am not alone in this finely tuned understanding of what it means to be a real Republican; a condition of political fellowship far removed from the wanton hypocrisy of far too many lies told.

What is astounding to me, and many others in Beaufort County and beyond, is that there is no rudder of integrity in the Beaufort County Executive Committee to know the difference of what is a real Republican and what is NOT.
( September 5th, 2022 @ 6:10 pm )
Response from the BCGOP Chair, Carolyn Garris...Please note this is not an attack on anyone. I am stating straight facts. First and foremost, I am very proud of the dedicated Conservative Republicans that serve on the Beaufort County Republican Party Executive Committee. They work very hard and volunteer many hours for ALL Republican candidates in Beaufort County, the state, and nation. We participate and support many community events. I am honored to serve with them. Citizens entering the BCGOP Headquarters are welcome. It does not matter whether you have been a lifetime resident or just arrived today. We are an inclusive party and our doors are open. Commissioner Frankie Waters, Tandy Dunn, and Commissioner Stan Deatherage are the Republican candidates. We support them ALL. There is a policy established at Headquarters that we will not promote one Republican candidate over another. Commissioners Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage are constantly attacking fellow Republicans online, in print, and on the radio. The BCGOP will not participate in attacking fellow Republicans in any form. No money will be obligated for such party disloyalty. Therefore, if you see any negative/nasty ads, they are not from the BCGOP. These are tactics the left uses in their assault and we will not be a part of their platform. Commissioner Hood Richardson resigned his seat on the BCGOP Executive Committee. In doing so, he was no longer a voting member and lost all privileges regarding the committee. This is according to the GOP Plan of Organization.
1. Removal or Resignation from Committees
Any current or former Officer or Member of a Precinct Committee, County Executive Committee, District Committee, State Executive Committee or State Central Committee who, for any reason, is removed or resigned from said position shall forfeit all rights and privileges in any way connected with that position.

When I called for an executive session, all visitors were asked to step out. Yes, this included Commissioner Hood Richardson since he was no longer a member of the Executive Committee.

Funds raised will be utilized in the most efficient way to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Beaufort County. The BCGOP Headquarters is the home of ALL Republicans. ALL Republican candidate signs are available for pick-up and other candidate material. I want to thank everyone that continues to support and hope to see you soon.

We will not be bullied by any Political Action Committee with their own agenda. Happy elections my friends!!
( August 29th, 2022 @ 4:13 pm )
This is outrageous. Workers at party headquarters should not be taking sides among Republicans during an election campaign. Has any discipline such as removing the person as a volunteer been done? If not, why not? Has she even been instructed not to do it again?

Anyone who follows politics in Beaufort County knows that Stan Deatherage and Hood Richardson are rock-ribbed conservative Republicans. The commissioner most prone to selling out to the Democrats is Frankie Waters who has been doing it as long as he has been a commissioner. Waters is also a big spender who always votes for tax increases and against tax cuts, and for lots of boondoggles.
( August 29th, 2022 @ 8:40 am )
You nailed it yet again Hood.

There has long been a nasty virus of latent hypocrisy in the local Beaufort County Republican Party, where we have foolishly selected many chair people that have never, or, at best, have rarely ever worked on a campaign to elect local and regional candidates. That same misapplied process is extended to many with the GOP executive committee as well.

Obviously, there are some individuals on this current GOP executive committee that wish to do damage to proven Conservatives because they consider it has long been in their best interest to support the Nominal Republican / the Bipartisan Republican / the Center-Left Coalition members to the exclusion of the Conservatives, simply because, the natural conflict that will and does arise between those that are, and those that are NOT Real Republicans.

Along those lines of this salient fact that this Beaufort County GOP will NOT VET their candidates, and NOW are demeaning those Conservatives that are well proved on every metric of what constitutes a true conservative Republican, I have little confidence in how helpful this local GOP could be in the election of any real Conservative; excluding, of course, the token Conservative that might take advantage of any political vacuum that they may have had a hand, themselves, in creating.

If the Republican party, at any level, especially here in Beaufort County, wishes to be this Republic's answer to the dishonest and morally corrupt Democratic Socialist party, they had better correct their behavior to be markedly different than the corrupt opposition, or they will not only fail their party's promise, but this Representative Republic as well.

In closing, I am now, and have long been fed up with what is left of the Republican BRAND being tarnished by the real fakery that is constantly afoot, and far too often when there is real work to be done here in Beaufort County to provide a real Conservative alternative to our self-governed People.

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