FACT CHECK: Cheri Beasley is no Friend of Law Enforcement | Eastern North Carolina Now | But Cheri Beasley Does Love to Take Defund the Police Money

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    As we get ready to hit the 4th quarter of campaign '22, it's clear Cheri Beasley's favorite play is to fake right but go left. That's great if she were playing for the Panthers, but it's a terrible move since her goal is faking out NC voters.

    Latest example?

    After a career spent as a criminal defense lawyer and/or coddling criminals from the bench, Beasley is now faking a move to the right and pretending to be a supporter of law enforcement. But law enforcement officials are not fooled and that's why law enforcement organizations and leaders are supporting Ted Budd. Groups like the National Border Patrol Council and the NC Troopers Association know Ted Budd is the candidate who most supports law enforcement.

    Cheri Beasley has defended cop-killers, vacated death sentences for murderers, and thrown out the indictments of sex offenders. The folks who make the Monopoly board game are probably the only ones who have printed more Get Out of Jail cards than Cheri Beasley.

    She's trying to fake to the right by claiming "I do not support Defund the Police." But reality is Cheri Beasley has deep ties and close relationships to Defund the Police radicals. The only thing she's upset about is that she got caught and she knows that's gonna hurt her at the ballot box.

    As noted in Axios, US Representative Cori Bush (D, MO-01) is one of the top supporters of Defund the Police and won't back away from the movement. Despite Bush's well-known support of Defund the Police, Beasley was only too happy to raise money with this Defund the Police Leftist. See here, here, here, and [whew] here. She's disbanded the old committee only after she got caught taking money from the Defund the Police crowd. But just a week or so ago, she joined another fundraising group, including at least one candidate who describes efforts to defund police departments as "thoughtful."

    Guess what else? She kept all the tainted money from the Defund the Police fundraising committee she had set up in 2021. Did she leave that part out in Monday's press conference? Cheri Beasley doesn't regret taking Defund the Police money, Beasley only regrets getting caught taking Defund the Police money. Maybe the reason Cheri Beasley would go easy on criminals in her courtroom is because they share the same values of no contrition - they were sorry they got caught. Beasley is 100% guilty of cavorting with the Defund the Police crowd to support her political desires.

   Contact: Samantha Cotten
   Email: Samantha@tedbudd.com
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