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Dawn Slann, a former candidate for Beaufort County Commissioner, showed up at the January 9, Commissioners meeting to complain again ……about my behavior and what I said at the December meeting and me being a bad person.  This is another “wana be” politician who  misunderstands democracy, capitalism and the political scene.

My sin was that I had said “I do not care if no one else ever moves into Beaufort County”.  This is definitely an anti progressive statement to Ms. Slann.  She believes that progress is more people, more government, more taxes and using Beaufort County money to build houses for all of these people we are inviting to move here.  People have always moved when they could not make a living.  They move to where the jobs are. 

I support better and higher paying jobs for the citizens of Beaufort County.  Especially our working families.  I do not support using county tax money to build houses for anyone.  Anyone who moves to Beaufort County should be a contributor to our economy, and way of life.

It is backwards thinking to believe moving people here without the prospect of steady jobs is a good thing.  Modern American socialism and its cousin, communism, says the government should provide jobs and if it cannot, the government should guarantee income.  That is happening today.  A great many people do not work because they are getting money from the various programs invented because of the Biden Administrations convenient Covid excuse to take socialism to the next level.   Slann seems to be on board with modern socialism as laid out by the Biden Administration..

Slann was upset with me, last year,  because I objected to using tax money to purchase farm equipment so county employees could plant test plots of corn and soy beans so farmers could decide which variety of seed to buy.  Never mind that the seed companies that sell seed do their own test plots.  Never mind that this is pure socialism with some of the elements of fascism.  It is a corrupt practice to take tax money and use it for the benefit of private individuals and corporations.

Slann now wants to use tax money to build houses on an “If you build it, they will come” program.  RINO Commissioner, John Rebholz is leading the charge for Beaufort County to find a way to build houses for “young professionals” Neither John Rebholz nor  his four commissioners buddies have said they would not use County money to build houses.  A person who is truly a “young professional” can qualify for a loan on their own.

But the overriding issue here is that, based on the latest research into the efficacy of Federal housing programs (e.g. Housing First) the data show that it has been a colossal failure in reducing homelessness and more importantly, in improving the quality of life of those in the program.  Biden’s answer?  Pour more money into them.  I’m not willing to vote to do that, regardless of the source of funding, until they can show me that the programs actually work to accomplish what they say they will produce and people are better off as a result of these massive spending programs.  With no more solid data than the Commissioners have been presented, it would appear that this is another example of a solution looking for a problem, to throw more money at.

The propaganda that we have a severe housing shortage in Beaufort County is coming from the school system.  They have a problem finding housing for teachers recruited to work in Beaufort County they say.  In the old days, not that long ago, there were “teacherages” or Rooming houses for young teachers.  That is, “government housing.”  So what happened to that money sponge?  Most new teachers are transitory, moving around among several jobs until they find one they like or decide to settle down.  If providing subsidized housing for teachers is the way to go then tell me why not Sheriff department people, or other county staff?  Where do you draw the line.  I’d dare say that if you asked most teachers whether they’d rather live in subsidized housing or have higher salaries it would be a non-starter.

The truth of the matter is that very few teachers would reside in the housing this socialistic program would provide.  Chances are the residents will be illegal immigrants more than that they will be teachers.

The Beaufort County School System prides itself on the low number of vacancies they have in teaching positions compared to what a lot of other systems have.  You can decide for yourself whether you want some of these people to permanently reside in Beaufort County by looking at how teachers dress as was on exhibit at the last School Board meeting.

I believe Slann and Rebholz are being taken for a ride on the housing issue.  Socialists love to take tax money and solve problems that do not exist.  The County does not need to take on more things, it needs to do fewer things, better.

Slann is posturing herself to run in the 2024 elections.  I plan to run in that election.  That’s why she is trying to attack me.  But you’ll notice, the attacks are more personal or personality-based and not about sound public policy.  I’d be glad to debate Ms. Slann in a public forum.  She can provide the Koolaid and I will provide the Pop Corn.  But she’s not interested in going toe to toe on the issues.  I am a conservative Republican, who, according to the liberal side of the Republican Party believes I should be eliminated from the face of the earth.  Slann is being used by the liberals down at the Republican Headquarters to take on the conservatives.  They actively recruit only those who hate Hood. There will be four commissioner seats open in the 2024 elections. The number of people who hate Hood is limited.  Slann has not figured out that the RINO’s at headquarters already have their favorite Republicans to support. Maybe she is one of them or maybe she is not, and is simply trying to prove she is one of them.  When the vote comes in, she’ll see that there are not enough who hate me to fill those four seats and there are more conservative voters than liberals.

My suggestion is that Slann, who has been described as Frankie Waters in a skirt, should run as a Democrat.  Maybe Frankie will give her the same donations he gives other Democrats.

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( January 24th, 2023 @ 12:04 pm )
I have a question here for the growing Eastern NC NOW community and it is a question anyone may answer: In an economic sense, how can government resolve an untenable condition that it created?

A word of sage advice here: It is a short, salient question, but it would demand a well considered answer if in the affirmative.
( January 24th, 2023 @ 10:36 am )
Mr. Richardson - your attacks on Slann are satisfying. You should be bothered by Dawn Slann. She is a threat to the business you've made out of being a lifelong politician and the right answer for Beaufort County. Keep crying.
( January 24th, 2023 @ 8:21 am )
The city of Washington is using hundreds of thousands of local taxpayer dollars, with no state or federal contribution, to build low income houses in the city. This is a boondoggle and misuse of taxpayer money. It likely contributes to why the city had a tax increase of over 10% this year. I hope the county government is not going down the same big government path, but with Jerry Langley pulling fake "Republican" Frankie Waters puppet strings, it may well do so.

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