Leader Of Online Group Where Classified U.S. Military Documents Were Leaked Identified: Report | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Ryan Saavedra.

    The New York Times identified on Thursday the leader of an online group where hundreds of photos of classified U.S. military documents were leaked as a 21-year-old member of the intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard who was based at Fort Bragg at the time of the leak.

    The newspaper identified the leader as Jack Teixeira, of Bristol, Mass, who allegedly oversaw a private Discord server called "Thug Shaker Central" that was comprised of a couple dozen like-minded men and boys.

    The report said that U.S. officials want to talk Teixeira because they believe that he "might have information relevant to the investigation."

    The New York Times showed up to Teixeira's family home and was informed by his mother that he was a member of the Air National Guard and that he changed his phone number in the last few days.

    The Times said that a person who appeared to be Teixeira later drove up to the home and that when the Times and asked if he was willing to speak to them, a man on the driveway told them that was not a good idea.

    "He needs to get an attorney if things are flowing the way they are going right now," the man told the Times. "The Feds will be around soon, I'm sure."

    Shortly after The New York Times published its report, Reuters reported: "An Air National guardsman suspected of leaking classified Pentagon documents will be arrested today in Massachusetts."

    A member of the group told The Washington Post that the alleged leaker, referred to as "OG," expressed anti-government sentiment but they did not believe he was trying to help any foreign power, and they think he was trying to show off.

    "If you had classified documents, you'd want to flex at least a little bit, like hey, I'm the big guy," one member said, later adding, "I would definitely not call him a whistleblower. I would not call OG a whistleblower in the slightest."

    The documents that were leaked contained information about battlefield conditions in Ukraine, information on foreign adversary's weapons systems, assessments on how deeply U.S. intelligence had penetrated into the Russian military, information on Egypt planning to sell weapons to Russia, and much more.

    The report said there were numerous forensic clues left behind by the leaker that would likely prove to be highly useful for U.S. law enforcement in identifying the suspect.

    President Joe Biden said this week that the U.S. authorities were "getting close" to catching the person responsible for the leak.

    CNN reported Thursday that the FBI has narrowed down the number of people who could be responsible to a "small number" of suspects and are "working on building a case for prosecution."

    OG's continued leaking of classified material eventually leaked out of the discord server after one of the members started sharing the images on February 28 with another Discord server affiliated with a YouTuber that has nearly a quarter of a million subscribers. Several days later, on March 4, more of the images started to appear on a different Discord server dedicated to the Minecraft video game.

    However, the leak would still not be detected by U.S. authorities for another month when classified documents started appearing on Russian Telegram channels and 4chan, before making their way onto Twitter.

    OG reportedly panicked after learning that the images had been leaked and asked members to "keep low and delete any information that could possibly relate to him," according to a member of the group.

Considering the current overwhelming obstacles inflicting stress upon America's working class: rampant inflation; energy insecurity; supply chain turmoil; banking failures; foreign policy disasters; government corruption; (DEI) Diversity Equity Inclusion narrative, with WOKE extremes practiced; Climate Change ideology; intractable crime wave in Leftist cities; wide open border by executive design; a permanently discredited Legacy Media; failed or failing education industry, just to name a few of the many: Who should Americans blame?
  Donald J. Trump
  Joseph R. Biden
  Leftist controlled Congress for the last 4 years.
  Bloated, incompetent bureaucracy weaponized and poorly managed
  The electorate, US, for putting these fools in elected office that utterly fail
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( April 18th, 2023 @ 10:38 am )
The only poster on this board who supports a lynch mob, Little Bobbie, is you supporting the lynch mob that attacked Riley Gaines. You do not even deny it.
Big Bob said:
( April 18th, 2023 @ 9:23 am )
Still not joining your Lynch mob.
( April 18th, 2023 @ 7:24 am )
Little Bobbie is the only one posting who supports a REAL lynch mob, the one that attacked Riley Gaines, but is bound up in stupid twit fantasies of phony "lynch mobs".
Big Bob said:
( April 17th, 2023 @ 8:26 pm )
Not joining your Lynch mob.
( April 16th, 2023 @ 8:54 pm )
The ONLY lynch mob we have had recently is the one that attacked Riley Gaines, and you, Big Bob, REFUSE repeatedly to condemn that one. Your whining about some figment of your imagination being a lynch mob is just nuts.

Your silence is deafening, Bob. I will ask you yet again - Do you support or condemn the actions of the lynch mob that attacked Riley Gaines.

And here is yet another example of how these nutty "transgenders" are a threat to the safety of school children: www.dailymail.co.uk
Big Bob said:
( April 16th, 2023 @ 9:49 am )
Your Lynch mob is real, and no I wont join. Violence is never the answer.
( April 16th, 2023 @ 8:03 am )
When it comes to a REAL lynch mob, like the one that attacked Riley Gaines, you DO support and condone it, Bobbie. Then you accuse others of being part of a fantsay "lynch mob" that exists only in your warped mind.
Big Bob said:
( April 15th, 2023 @ 9:21 pm )
Stil. Not. Joining. The. Lynch. Mob.
( April 15th, 2023 @ 11:02 am )
You still refuse to condemn the actual lynch mob of tranny thugs that assaulted Riley Gaines while whining about fantasy "lynch mobs" that don't exist in reality. Big Bob, you are really a Big Boob, you are so eaten up with the far left narrative.

Those suffering the mental health condition of gender dysphoria are prone to violence, and here is yet another example, a male-to-female "transgender" middle school math teacher in Florida who made statements about killing children and about committing suicide. School authorities did not see fit to even remove him (it?) from the classroom or warn parents, but law enforcement finally got involved and got this threat out of the classroom. redstate.com
Big Bob said:
( April 15th, 2023 @ 9:37 am )
I agree the current gun laws are working as intended. No changes are needed.
I'm still not joining your Lynch mob.
( April 15th, 2023 @ 7:52 am )
You still refuse to criticize the "transgender" lynch mob that bullied Riley Gaines, Big Boob. You won't give a straight answer on that specific instance. Of course, you also jave failed to criticize the BLM / Antifa lynch mobs.

I suggest you go read the laws on background checks to buy guns. They look at mental health records as well as criminal records. With recent events, that should be expanded on the mental health side to look at gender dyshoria records.

Say it, do you or don't think Riley Gaines was bullied by that "transgender" lynch mob?
Big Bob said:
( April 14th, 2023 @ 10:43 pm )
When is comes to wearing a dress CV, you certainly sound like a man with experience. Anywho,....

Big Bob is not fond of violence. He doesn't support Lynch mobs, certainly not you and yours.

As far as guns go, currently anyone without a felony record not living in the nut house can buy a gun. Fact.
That said, I dont care. This is how we choose to live. When the bodies stack up, man up, bury the dead and move on. It aint nothin. My gun rights trump everything. Nobody gets my guns.
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