What's Happening NOW: "The (First) Meeting after the Meeting"; Featuring Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson | Beaufort County Now | In this inaugural episode of Beaufort County NOW's community /regional based program, "What's Happening", where interviewing interesting people will be our prime directive, we talk with 6 term Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson.

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Welcome to BCN's new series "What's Happening NOW", a collection of informational, and, hopefully, entertaining programs, where we substantively speak to interesting and important people.

Season One | Episode One

Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson - Where the man truly speaks his mind. Did you expect anything less?

    In this inaugural episode of Beaufort County NOW's community /regional based program, "What's Happening NOW", where interviewing interesting people, and providing beneficial information will be our prime directive, we talk with 6 term Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson.

    A few years earlier, we spoke to the conservative county commissioner about President Trump's election, which garnered a bunch of views, so, when it came time to resurrect this interview /informational format, I instantly thought that this very original county commissioner would be the perfect first guest. The Hood did not disappoint, and helped us have a meaningful first episode offering just a nibble of the real issues effecting the citizens here in Beaufort County.

With so much of Commissioner Hood Richardson's opinions on better governing practices to reveal, I think it may be a more efficient process by allowing the first episode of "What's Happening" to finish this explanation: Below.

If you are interested in visiting the "What's Happening NOW" Season One post, revealing each episode, with a short description here in this Season One, please click here.

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