UK implements photo voter ID nationallly to stop voter fraud | Eastern North Carolina Now

The UK implemented photo voter ID nationally for the first time in yesterday's local elections.   There had been test runs in elections in selected areas previously, and the national rollout came off smoothly.   The British parliament voted to implement photo voter ID after a voting fraud scandal in the Tower Hamlets district of London, perpetrated by a Muslim political machine which led the British courts to order that election re-run.

With the UK implementing photo voter ID nationally, the US becomes the only industrialized country that does not use it on a national basis to prevent election fraud.  It is considered a gold standard for election integrity.  In spite of the US not having this election integrity standard nationally, many US states have implemented it, often over partisan resistance by the Democrats.  North Carolina will finally be able to implement it in our next election after the state Supreme Court finally ruled against the Democrat lawsuits that had tied it up after citizens overwhelmingly approved a state Constitutional amendment mandating it.


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