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Credible evidence estimates, from various similar sources, that over 200 million people have died because of Socialism and Communism.  I know, the scream will be, how about how many have died from Capitalism?

Under the true rules and ideals of capitalism, only those that commit crimes or murder have died because of capitalism.  (Outside of defending our liberties)

The tenants remain that under our Constitution and the free market system all men (people) are created equal and are free to pursue freedom, happiness and own property while being protected by the law of the land.

When we look at Communism and socialism, the gods that failed, and the countries that have fallen into poverty and chaos, why would we want to follow that failed system.

For all the reasons that some of us know we need to understand how this is happening.

There is an interesting book, “The Naked Socialist” that outlines how that game is played.  Below are the Seven Pillars of Socialism that Paul Skousen listed.

Pillar #1—ALL POWERFUL RULER. A ruler is quick to conquer the world but slow to conquer himself, and therein lies all the trouble.

Pillar #2—CASTES OR CLASSES. There are no rulers without slaves. Socialists claim they know best how to make society fair and equal, but as will be shown, just the opposite happens. Under socialism, society must be divided into classes.

Pillar #3—THINGS IN COMMON. Basic socialist doctrine teaches that the ownership of property is the cause of all discord and envy. Therefore, they say, all things must be made equal. But that’s not all. Private ownership must eventually be eliminated altogether

Pillar #4—REGULATION. Total control requires total regulation. By issuing a regular stream of new laws and requirements, the Rulers control all economic activities and production.

Pillar #5—FORCE. In socialism, all human activity is restrained or compelled to action with the use of force—penalties, fines, restrictions, “catch-22” laws, prison, and a multitude of fees and taxes. Under Ruler’s Law, supreme force must eventually centralize in the hands of the Rulers.

Pillar #6—INFORMATION CONTROL. Information is a powerful weapon for social control. It is used to win support from the masses, to teach them that the old way is bad and the new way is good, and to bolster claims that the regime is doing a good job. A regime will falsify economic data to sway decision-making in the regime’s favor.

Pillar #7—VESTED RIGHTS. It is important for socialism’s success to eliminate any ideas about natural rights, to jeer and ridicule them out of existence. Only government-sanctioned rights may exist in a socialistic world. That way, the ruling body may withhold or redefine rights for the purpose of serving the needs of the selected classes at the expense of the others. Recent examples include the IRS targeting conservative groups to keep liberal factions in power; Argentina and Portugal confiscating billions in private pension funds to pay off government debts; the Islamic Brotherhood killing Christians in a genocide of religious purification; the Department of Justice refusing to prosecute certain criminals; the NSA committing unreasonable searches and seizures of electronic information and communications; and more.

Paul B. Skousen:  The Naked Socialist

Drop the Woke Wackies and look at real history and the countries that have become third world nations.  If we do not change, you will not have to look further than the United State of America.



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Big Bob said:
( June 2nd, 2023 @ 2:16 pm )
I do not support a socialism but I still want you to get your SS check!
( June 2nd, 2023 @ 10:16 am )
So, Bolshevik Bob's answer to communism killing 200 million is that "no government is perfect". That says it all about his "progressive ideology". So what if they treat someone with "dignity and respect" before they pull the trigger for a shot in the neck? And does killing 200 million people make them "decent human beings"?
Big Bob said:
( June 2nd, 2023 @ 8:51 am )
No system of government is perfect however, treating others with dignity and respect will never hurt you. Understanding our past will never hurt you. Being a decent human being will never hurt you.

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