conservative Dale Folwell wins Locke conservative conference straw poll | Eastern North Carolina Now

Robinson second, Tillis candidate Graham a distant third


The major statewide gathering of conservatives during primary season is the Locke Foundation's conservative conference in Raleigh.  A straw poll conducted at that conference this weekend was indicative of where conservative support lies in the primary for governor.

Conservative two term State Treasurer Dale Folwell was the top choice of conference attendees, winning 39.8% of the vote, followed by first term Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson at 33.7%.  Bill Graham, a wealthy trial lawyer endorsed by liberal Senator Thom TIllis, who is throwing five million dollars of his own money into the primary race, was a distant third at 13%, with the remainder undecided.

Robinson started the primary race with a wide lead but that is being whitled down as the race unfolds.  Robinson is known as a stirring public speaker, but conservatives have been disappointed by his failure to engage on most key policy issues in the General Assembly, where he presides over the state senate.  Robinson talks a good game, but Folwell is seen as actually getting a lot more done on key conservative policy issues, as well as having a far superior management ability  in government. Graham's close ties to Tillis make most conservatives highly suspicious of him even though he loudly tries to proclaim he is a conservative.  There are also far too many similarities between Graham and John Edwards.

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( February 2nd, 2024 @ 8:30 am )
Having served as a political appointee in the Jim Martin administration for five years, I have seen first hand how the success or failure of a governor depends on their management ability and their ability to properly staff an administration. Martin was a successful governor because he himself had strong managerial abilities and surrounded himself with others who also did, and because he staffed his administration with principled conservative Republicans who shared his vision of government. Martin cruised to reelection. On the other hand, Pat McCrory was a failure at both management and staffing, and those failures led to his being a one term governor.

The only one of the three candidates who has proven management and staffing abilities in government is Dale Folwell, who is superb at both. Mark Robinson is at the other end of the spectrum, having totally failed to hire a competent staff or exhibit any management abilities even for the small Lieutenant Governor's office.

Folwell is also the only one who has proven he has the backbone to actually deliver on conservative policy. It is all well and good to talk about policy, but the key is actually delivering on it.

It is clear to me that Folwell can handle the job while is it highly unlikely that Robinson could.
( February 1st, 2024 @ 10:18 pm )
Mark Robinson is being exposed as a phoney. He is little more than a puppet of uber-RINO Phil Berger. Berger did not want Robinson taking stands on actual issues in the General Assembly so Robinson said "yes, Boss" and went silent on issues. Now, Berger has given him a list of RINOs to endorse, including Brinson in this district, and Robinson again says "yes, Boss" and does it. Berger is galloping leftward on a wide range of issues, and Robinson is going right along with him. North Carolina can do better.
( January 31st, 2024 @ 7:59 am )
A little reverse psychology, Bobbie? A far left troll going after Robinson is try to get conservatives to waste their vote on him? I can see why. He has enough personal baggage to fill the baggage claim office at RDU airport, and the Democrats are just waiting for the general election to have their media allies start pumping that out. Robinson is the one the Democrats want to run against because they judge him the easiest to beat.

Of course, they would probably be happy with Graham too, since Graham is hated in the state's agricultural community over some high profile lawsuits he filed against farmers. Without the farm vote, a Republican would be dead in the water in November.
Big Bob said:
( January 30th, 2024 @ 6:54 pm )
Nazi Robinson is a bad choice. He can’t win.
( January 30th, 2024 @ 8:36 am )
Folwell's the man! The only conservative in the primary who delivers on the issues. Robinson talks a good game but sits on his hands and does not even try to deliver. Graham claims to be a conservative although most of the issues he has engaged in like green energy are to the left so he is a counterfeit conservative. We need a doer, not a talker for governor.

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