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believe done by Democrats for political advantage


A new poll by the respected pollster McLaughlin and Associates has found that a plurality of Americans believe that our border crisis was deliberately created for political reasons, rather than being a result of government incompetence.  The poll found that overall, 46% of likely American voters believe that the border crisis was created deliberately, with 39% saying it is a result of government incompetence, and 15% being not sure.  Among HIspanic voters, 52% believe that the border crisis was deliberately created.

The migrant invasion is creating a housing crisis and a crime crisis.

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( June 4th, 2024 @ 6:52 pm )
The solid piece of legislation to secure the border is HR2, which has already passed the House of Representatives, but Schumer has let it languish in the Senate. That needs to be passed through the Senate and send to Biden.

The overwhelming majority of illegal alien migrants are military aged males, NOT women and children. Of those who claim to be "unaccompanied minors" the countries which have verified actual age have found that a majoriy of them are really adults who are lying about their age. Norway was the highest, finding that 90% of them were adults lying about their age.

When someone crosses the border illegally, they need to be turned around and sent back like Hungary does. Australia with its highly successful Operation Sovereign Borders, led by a military general, intercepted migrant boats at sea and turned them around, at gunpoint if necessary.

As far as illegal aliens that Biden has let in, all nine million of them, they need to be rounded up and sent home. In the last year or so, Pakistan and Israel have both adopted policies to do that. President Eisenhower did it in the US in Operation Wetback. Multiple polls have shown that American voters support mass deportation of illegal aliens.

What Biden has "offered to do" is just continue his open border policies with a little minor and meaningless window dressing. He is putting a bandaid on a cancer.
Big Bob said:
( June 4th, 2024 @ 5:01 pm )
BH - it seams that when any , conservative or liberal offers to do something, the answer from yo is - no. Nobody is going to machine gun women and children.
( June 4th, 2024 @ 3:20 pm )
Of course it is a deliberate policy by the crooked Biden regime, and, of course, they are bringing in all these illegal aliens for political reasons. Only a blind man would fail to see that. Biden is making a mockery of our immigration laws with executive orders that stand them on their heads.

Today, Biden did another executive order to pander to illegal aliens, while hoping the MSM propaganda media will play it as a "crackdown" which it is not. The Biden policy will allow 1,500 illegal alien migrants who have no right to come into our country to enter daily, and only after that huge number happens every day for a week will they slow it down a bit. That 1,500 does not include the huge and expanding number of "gatoways" nor does it include those who claim to be unaccompanied minors (although many of them are really adults lying about their age) and a list of other categories. This is a sham.

We need our deporter-in-chief Donald Trump to round up the illegals who are mooching off of our taxpayers and deprot them back to their home countries. Biden is a traitor to America and needs to be thrown out of office, then prosecuted.

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