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conflict of interest for AG to decide if he is going to prosecute himself


Merrick Garland, the ultra partisan Democrat operative currently occupying the office of Attorney General decided he was not going to prosecute himself for Contempt of Congress after the House sent a criminal referal against him for refusing to obey a subpoena. This is collossal arrogance by the Biden regime, but it reflects similar arrogance by Eric Holder in the Obama regime when Holder had a criminal referral against him for contermpt of Congress and refused to prosecute himself.

Meanwhile, Peter Navarro is sitting in a prison for contempt of Congress for not appearing before Nancy Pelosi's illegally constituted J6 committee, and others face the same.  This is a double standard where it is one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans.

Of course, when Trump returns, an honest AG may then take up this prosecution of Garland and send him to prison.  This is a huge conflict of interest for the AG to have the power to determine if he, himself, or someone else in his office will be prosectured or not.



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( June 15th, 2024 @ 2:25 pm )
The corrupt DOJ clearly cannot be trusted to handle contempt of Congress cases, because party politics matters to them more than the law. Congress needs to find a different way to prosecute these things. Right now the Attorney General seems to be able to thumb his nose at Congress at will while he prosecutes questionable cases against his political enemies.

I remember when scumbag Eric Holder played the same game and defied a Congressional subpoena, then would not prosecute himself. Some at that time suggested having the Capitol police take Holder into custody and find a room in the Capitol in which to detain him. That os the sort of thinking we need against these arrogant out of control leftist AG's.

It has also been mentioned that there is no statute of limitations on contempt of Congress, so the incoming Trump AG could take up both referrals and prosecute Holder and Garland and jail them. That may be the only way to straighten this mess out.

And stupid Bob is clueless. This is not about winning or losing. Corrupt AG's never even let it go to court on themselves, but they push their enemies into prison prematurely to try to screw up their chances of getting their appeals heard.
Big Bob said:
( June 15th, 2024 @ 9:54 am )
Translation - When we win, justice system good.
When we lose, justice system bad.

MAGA - they will turn on you too!
( June 15th, 2024 @ 9:21 am )
Merrick Garland and his minions put Peter Navarro, a Trump White House advisor in prison for something that Garland himself is more guilty of. He is close to putting Trump White House advisor, Steve Bannon, in prison for a weaker case of what Garland did himself. The issue is contempt of Congress, and under Merrick Garland, the DOJ is run by the Rule of Politics instead of the Rule of Law.

Even worse, Garland demanded that Navarro and Bannon be sent to prison before their appeals were exhausted. It may take the Supreme Court hearing it, but their appeals are sound. By making them serve their sentence before the cases ever get there, the Garland DOJ hopes to render the appeals moot where they will not be heard. This is very dirty politics and another example of the Biden administration abusing the courts for political prosecutions of Republicans, while they can do the exact same things with impunity. This is a poltical double standard that is a threat to our justice system and to the Rule of Law.

Navarro and Bannon both asserted executive privelege when subpoenaed by Congress because they were directly on the president's staff in the White House. No White House staff member had ever previously been held in contempt of Congress when they asserted executive privelge. In the new politicized justice system of Merrick Garland, he went after them anyway.

Now Merrick Garland asserts executive privelege so he does nog have to prosecute himself. Not being on the president's direct staff in the White House, Garland's claim on executive privelege is much much weaker. While he is a member of the executive branch, his connection to the president is much more distant than a member of the White House staff.

And doesn't Garland comprehend that it is a huge conflict of interest for he, himself, or one of his underlings to be making the decision of whether he should be prosecuted?

Biden, Garland, and their ilk are totally lawless, and America will be so much better off when they are voted out of office.

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