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Nevada and Michigan are focus


Democrats are still fighting to gut election integrity as recent developments in Nevada and Michigan show.

In Nevada, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has been fighting to clean up election rolls by removing ineligible voters.  State law requires voters to register where they live.  In Washoe County, the state's second most populous, PILF reviewed addresses on voter registration and found hundreds of "voters" registered at commercial addresses including strip clubs, casinos, convenience stores, and parking lots.  Those were clearly illegal registrations but PILF's requests to election officials to remove them were denied.  PILF filed a petition in court to obtain a court order for their removal.   Who shows up to fight to keep those illegal voters on the rolls?  None other than national Democrat election fixer Marc Elias.

In Michigan, Republicans were cheered when a state court issued an order requiring the Democrat Secretary of State to follow state law in verification of signatures on mail in ballots and applications after she had told local officials they did not have to follow state law but could "presume" signatures were valid.  However, that was short lived as Democrat legislators passed legislation to mangle the state's election laws to make it more difficult to challenge results. One bill they passed made it much more difficult to get recounts.  The other took away the function of the bi-partisan Boards of Canvassers to investigate election fraud, and also took away their subpoena power.  Fraud investigations are now to be sent to partisan District Attorneys who are not likely to be responsive to complaints from the opposing party.

Election integrity is still up in the air for 2024 and we must fight Democrat efforts to rig elections.


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( June 20th, 2024 @ 12:52 pm )
Oh, Durham County, that brings back memories of the 1972 campaign when I was a student at Duke and helped with some of the investigation of the election fraud there when the Democrats stole the congressional seat for Ike Andrews against Jack Hawke in the black precincts where there were more people who voted without being registered to vote than the margin of victory, some of whom voted in every black precinct in the city of Durham but were not registered anywhere. Unfortunately, the lawsuit was thrown out on a technicality because Hawke's legal team went directly to federal court without raising the issue first at the state board of elections. They did raise it with the Durham County Board of Elections, but went directly from there to federal court.

Durham County had two absolutely ruthless Democrat political machines, one in the black precincts and the other among white progressives. Either would steal a vote in a heartbeat, but it was the former that was specifically involved in stealing the 1972 congressional election.
Big Bob said:
( June 20th, 2024 @ 10:46 am )
FOX poll-JB is ahead of Trump
( June 20th, 2024 @ 9:02 am )
The same voter registration shananigans by the Democrats happen in North Carolina, too. In the 2016 election when McCrory narrowly lost, hundreds of fraudulent student voter registrations were found in Durham County. The best piece I saw on this was by American Lens, a photojounalism site run by two NC women, who have since ended their partnership. Their piece showed them driving from the administration building at Duke University where officials would not talk to them to an outlying gravel parking lot with no structures, which was the address that hundreds of Duke students (probably from out of state) used as their residence address to register to vote in Durham County. Then they had shots of the administration building at NC Central University across town which had been given as the residence address of hundreds of NCCU students when they registered to vote. Of course, nobody really lived either on that parking lot or in the NCCU administration building. Yet many ballots were cast in the names of these "voters."

In next door Wake County, the Voter Integrity Project obtained a list of people who had told the court system that they were not American citizens when they were called for jury duty and compared it to the voter registration list. They found hundreds of matches, many of whom were recorded as having actually voted. When they presented this to the Democrat controlled Wake County Board of Elections, that body refused to even conduct their own investigation. They did nothing and the likely foreign citizens stayed on the registration books.

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