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economic migrants falsely claim asylum status


The major force behind illegal immigation into western countries is asylum fraud. Economic migrants make false claims of asylum to get a foothold in western countries on both sides of the Atlantic.  When their court date comes to actually follow thorugh on their claims, the majority skip the hearing knowing their asylum claim is a fraud to begin with.  Most of those who do show up and try to con their way into an asylum claim are unsuccesful and their claim for asylum is denied.

One curious aspect on both sides of the Atlantic is that many of the illegal alien migrants throw away their identification documents before crossing the border into their final desintation, so that they can claim to be anyone from anywhere.  This is particularly useful for someone with a criminal background, terrorist background, or from a country that may cause questions.

A Breitbart reporter wrote an article, which was put up here on the Beaufort Observer about the huge piles of discarded identification documents on the south side of the RIo Grand that illegal aliens threw away just before entering the US.  Interstingly, there were lots of ID cards showing someone from a county with problems like Veneauzela had already achieved asylum in a safe country like Chile. But the US pays more welfate, so they went tor the big welfare check.

Now Germany has revealed they have the same problem.  In the past year, 57% of the illegal aliens arriving there came without a passport or other ID as to who they really were.  The CEO of low cost airline Ryanair has revealed that many migrants fly to the UK or Ireland from safe countries and throw their passports into the toilets of his airplanes before arriving at their destination.  "It's a complete scam. These people are not refugees", he declared

Music satire on illegal immigration into the UK, "Brand New Leather Jacket":

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( June 19th, 2024 @ 8:13 pm )
If we had leaders with any backbone, there is an easy solution under the international asylum treaties. If someone is already in a safe country, they are not entitled to asylum in a different country. Mexico and Canada are both deemed safe countries, so we could legally turn every one of these fraudsters and moochers back. That is exactly what Hungary does, and on the basis on those treaties. We could do it, too, and should.

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illegal alien "asylum seeker" migrants are a crime wave on both sides of the Atlantic


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