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Brexit hero Farage holds largest political rally in UK in decades


With the UK's pariamentary election set for July 4th, the populist nationalist anti-immigratoin Reform Party led by Brexit hero Nigel Farage has surged past the governing Conservative Party in multiple polls but the split on the right has been expected to let Labour win control of parliament.  However, late polls are now showing a marked decline in support for Labour.

Farage has just held the largest, by far, political rally of this  election and one of the largest at a UK political event in decades.   It was held in the Labour stronghold of Birmingham. That is further invigorating support for Reform.,  One star of that rally was new Reform Party major donor Zia Yusef, a tech start up millionaire whose family legally immigrated to the UK in the 1980s who spoke passionately about British values and the dangers of mass illegal immigration.  Farage  himself spoke for an hour without notes or teleprompter.  While this rally is the largest, Reform Party rallies around the country have been drawing thousands, something unheard of in British politics.

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( June 30th, 2024 @ 8:53 pm )
Farage seems to be using the Trump playbook. It will be interesting to see how that works in the UK.

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