NY Times report: Biden family tells him to stay in election at Camp David meeting | Eastern North Carolina Now

bllame three aides for bad preparation


The New York Times is reporting that a Biden family gathering today at Camp David has been united in urging him to remain in the race.  His wife Jill and son Hunter were reported to be particularly insistent that Joe continue in the presidential race.  This comes amid a backdrop of continued calls from within Biden's own party for him to be replaced with a different candidate.  Biden family members were said to blame three aides who handled his debate preparation for his bad performance.




Meanwhile, former White House aides are blowing the whistle that what we saw at the debate is the way Biden is all the time.



Here is a banner towed by an airplane over Biden's fundraiser at The Hamptons, New York:

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( June 30th, 2024 @ 8:41 pm )
Given this huge setback for Biden, and the fact that Bidens play hardball, will they respond by directing thier political hack judge Juan Merchan to put Trump in prison? This debate may be have set so early to gauge their need for that, and it is clear they need it. I would put nothing past the Biden crime family.

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