"fact checker" Snopes backs Trump on "suckers and losers" claim of Biden | Eastern North Carolina Now

even liberal Snopes knows Biden was lying


The "fact check" industry is noted for its leftwing stances and spinning everything it can to the left, but occaisionally one of them grows a conscience and nails the left for a falsehood. Now, Snopes, the first outlet ever established in this industry, has done just that, debunking Joe Biden's claim in the presidential debate that Trump had said US WWII soldiers in a cemetery was "suckers and losers".  Trump rebutted Biden's claim in the debate by pointing out that 19 people who were present when it was claimed he said it had signed statements that he said no such thing.

Now Snopes has backed Trump on this issue, pointing out that the claim originated from an anonymous source printed in The Atlantic magazine and was never corroborated by any actual source.  The Atlantic is a far left magazine owned by steve Jobs' widow, who is a far left activist.  The owners of Snopes itself have their own leftwing credentials, as they also own the leftwing political site Salon.com.


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( July 2nd, 2024 @ 10:21 am )
My Dad was a self-educated man who had a lot of common sense. One thing he taught me, which I have always remembered, is "Consider the Source". We would do well to do just that as we read or listen to the internet.

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