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Macronís deal with the devil


Interesting article on the National Pulse about France's elections.


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( July 10th, 2024 @ 9:57 am )
Get out the popcorn, France's government is going to be a train wreck. France is the new Greece. Macron's spending has already had France called on the carpet by EU authorities for violating its agreements when the euro was created by building up debt far beyond its GNP. Now the far left NPF thinks it rules the roost and wants much, much higher spending. The country's well to do are widely discussing fleeing the country and its taxman (in Europe, you are taxed where you live, not by your citizenship). Macron's Ensemble took a major beating in the elections and is a spent force. He, himself, is a lame duck who is termed out. His prime minister has resigned, but Macron has not accepted his resignation.

If I were Marine LePen, I would be thinking about throwing Macron a lifeline, with conditions attached. She has a real opportunity here to make the far left the major political monster and give her own party an image of putting the country ahead of politics. I would exchange backing Macron's prime minister in a confidence vote for some concessions from Macron on toughening immigration. What that does for the next parliamentary election is create an image for Macron voters that National Rally is their friend and NPF is their enemy. With the French system, positioning for the runoffs is critical.

Even with help from a few snall leftwing parties, the NPF can only muster about 200 votes in parliament out of 577. The National Rally represents the only force that could come to Macron's assistance to block the NPF.

Even if Macron will not do a deal, LePen could get a lot of milage by announcing that her party was putting France first ahead of its own interests, and would cast its votes in parliament in a way to keep Macron's prime minister in power, whether by abstaining or voting for him, as long as he did not adopt the radical policies of the far left NPF. She could do that unilaterally and it would offer almost the same benefit to her party and to France as an actual deal with Macron.
( July 9th, 2024 @ 2:27 pm )
It is not just the Jews talking about fleeing France. The well off and productive citizens are also angling to flee the far left's push for a 90% income tax rate, and the French stock market is in turmoil. Macron has unleashed a Frankenstein monster, and his now much smaller party may have to turn to LePen to stop it. redstate.com
( July 9th, 2024 @ 7:45 am )
The National Rally (which the far left falsely calls "far right") made the biggest gain of seats by any party or grouping, both in absolute terms, and even more so in percentage terms. The also had a massive increase in vote share, while both the far left NPF and the Macron coaltion lost vote share in the second round compared to their vote in the second round of the last parliamentary election. The National Rally received millions more votes than either of their major rivals.

By all standards, the National Rally made major gains in this election, while Macron's Ensemble had major losses in both seats and vote share from the last election for parliament. Ensemble lost over a third of the seats it had held in the outgoing parliament. The NPF saw little change in vote share, although it was actually down in the second round, but they benefited from their deal with the devil with Macron as to seats won.

In short, Macron's Ensemble had major losses of seats, while the National Rally and New Popular Front had major gains. The National Rally got their gains from the voters. The NPF got there's from a backroom deal with Macron. It was Macron's party that was the big loser in this election.
Big Bob said:
( July 8th, 2024 @ 6:34 pm )
The far right lost.

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