Dems on NC Election Bd. vote to keep RFK and West off of NC ballot in scheme to protect Biden | Eastern North Carolina Now

part of Democrats' War on Democracy


UPDATE: The Democrats doubled down on this candidate / voter suppression against liberal third parties in their reprehensible attack on democracy.  Now come the lawsuits.

The Democrat members of the NC Board of Elections have made a major attack on democracy in our state by voting to exclude Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Cornell West from NC's presidential ballot even though both submitted enough verified signatures to qualify. This was done to try to protect the failing and flailing Biden and was requested by national Democrats.

The North Carolina Democratic Party formally opposed allowing Kennedy's party on the ballot, as did the Elias Law Group of notorious Democrat shyster Marc Elias, who was responsible for widespread manipulation of election laws all over the country to make cheating easier in 2020.

Republican members are seeking a reconsideration of the exclusioin, and a national elections watchdog group, the Fair Elections Fund, has launched a media campaign blasting this partisan attack on democracy. by the Democrats.

These same Democrat elections board members voted earlier to protect Biden by blocking all of his Democrat primary challengers from the NC presidential primary ballot.  Their attack on democracy then resulted in a Soviet-style Democrat primary ballot with only one candidate listed, Joe Biden.  North Carolina was not the only state where Democrats pulled that very undemocratic stunt.

If they are playing this much anti-democratic partisan hardball on ballot access, how much will they play on counting ballots?  The democrats generally are engaged in a War on Democracy and the machinations of the nomination process are a prime example.



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( July 11th, 2024 @ 11:39 am )
This is not new in this election cycle from the Democrats. A group led by a Biden political appointee tried to get Trump off the ballot in mulitple states until the SCOTUS shut that plot down. The Biden Democrats used control of the party structure to shut out Democrat primary challengers, both knocking them off primary ballots as they did here in NC and in other states, and refusing to allow a Democrat primary sets of debates. They forced major challenger RFK.Jr. out of the manipulated Democrat primary and into running as an independent. Now they are trying to cut third parties and independents off the ballot.

How can any thinking person believe what the Democrats say about democracy when they observe what Democrats actually do.
Bubba said:
( July 11th, 2024 @ 7:11 am )
North Carolina clearly has a crooked Elections Board. How can we trust them to count votes fairly when they cheat on who they allow on the ballot? How many Democrat run states are the same way?
( July 10th, 2024 @ 5:26 pm )
So, Bobbie agrees with the anti-democratic maneuver of kicking opponents off the ballot even though they qualified for it? Or does he/she think it is "idiotic" to object to that partisan hanky panky?
Big Bob said:
( July 10th, 2024 @ 3:16 pm )
This post was just too idiotic to comment on
( July 10th, 2024 @ 2:52 pm )
Did Little Bobbie not get his talking points yet on this one?
( July 10th, 2024 @ 12:19 pm )
Voter suppression is the game the Democrats play. Keeping opponents off the ballot by these disgusting powerplays in a blatant attack on democracy.
( July 9th, 2024 @ 10:31 am )
Trump is the champion of democracy, while the Biden Democrats try to subvert it.

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