Congressional Democrats vote against bill to stop illegal aliens from voting | Eastern North Carolina Now

beacuse they want to cheat with votes from illegal aliens


The SAVE Act which provides states with tooks to stop illegal aliens and other non-citizens from illegally voting in American elections as well as requirements for election officials to guard against such illegal voting has passed the  House of Representatives by vote of 218 to 198.  All Republicans and five sensible Democrats voted for it, while most of the Democrats, 198 of them voted against it.

There is only one reason a politician would vote against such a common sense measure, and that is because their party wants to cheat by voting illegal aliens in the 2024 election. Elon Musk warned about that in one of his tweets, that Democrats "want to cheat" with illegal alien votes, and now the Democrats in Congress have proved Musk correct.

Meanshile, in response the governor of Idaho has issued an executive order against illegal aliens voting.

Ray Stevens music satire on illegal immigration: "Come to the USA"

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( July 12th, 2024 @ 3:08 pm )
Illegal aliens are being pushed to register and vote. Some of the NGO's funded by the Biden regime have been caught passing out flyers in Mexico to US-bound migrants urging them to register and vote when they get to the US. This threat to our democracy must be stopped, and those engaged in it prosecuted.

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