After Some Years: BCN has its Blowout Month - Explodes to No. 1 in Beaufort County | Beaufort County Now | "Praise the Lord and pass the hand grenades", Synbiotic Networks Inc. is proud to announce that BCN is now the top website originating from Beaufort County.

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    "Praise the Lord and pass the hand grenades", Symbiotic Networks Inc. (SNI) is proud to announce that BCN is now the top website originating from Beaufort County. After last month's enormous jump in traffic, from the last month before we finished our last iteration of the news and information site, we have now had our first full month of traffic, as recorded by our embedded traffic tracking device. That full month of January is shown below.

    Our last iteration was a very significant improvement on what was already the most technologically advanced website built for the region of northeastern North Carolina, so it was just another matter of more power heaped on the most powerful, which we are very cognizant to continue. That is why Beaufort County NOW is the best website originating from Beaufort County, that is why it will continue to be the most viewed.

    Yet, I have concentrated on creation rather than sales and promotion of what we did, and what we do, and what we will do. Just know this: If you are advertising now online, you are getting far less page views/ impressions than you would be getting at BCN, even as we fill out our rotation, and chances are, you are paying more money than you would with us for our superior products. Now, I am not asking that you stop doing business with those that you are now paying more for less, I am, will, be asking that you do some business with us to reach a whole other group of folks ... folks that use BCN ... folks that have given us the opportunity to manifest the irrefutable numbers here below.

Not only is all of the code that powers our sites ours, but we know design and all manner of graphics, animations to better display our, your products. Example: Below.

    I have much to say about how we got here, and, moreover, our far greater group of advertising /promotion products that we offer over any competition, and the truth of what we provide goes far beyond local competition ... but we'll talk about that later.

Here below are Beaufort County Now's top numbers for Beaufort County:

    Stan Deatherage,
     Accounts Manager   •   Publisher of BCN   •   President of Symbiotic Networks, Inc.
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •   cell# (252) 944-3905   •
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( February 3rd, 2015 @ 7:50 am )
Congrats, Stan ~~~ it is hard to believe the quality of it with your small staff doing great and cutting edge work.

The last time Stan and I visited he showed me another new technology which will make BCN easy to read and access via portable media devices. We are sleeping / Stan is dreaming and thinking . . . Pray for his wife to be patient with him. . .
( February 3rd, 2015 @ 5:06 am )
If your group, that you are affiliated with, is not filling seats or having successful events, one might should question why your websites aren't any better, more responsive than what they are, as well as why your executive officer is not taking advantage of the free service of press releases on Beaufort County's top website - BCN.

It is quantifiable that BCN is the No. 1 website originating in Beaufort County - on every level, at every metric - we are at the apex, and we really don't have any competition at this point, and, remarkably, we have 'escape velocity' here ... yet ... there is a truth that few nonprofits will deal with SNI, even though our website functionality, of those we construct for ourselves, and others, may well be the best in northeastern North Carolina, and yet, few nonprofits will even talk us after being contacted.

Is there any wonder that sometimes things just don't work out around here in Beaufort County - a theater whose seats are barely filled, a handful of people attending a public event, much of that constant failure paid for with public money!

The truth of the matter is this: Should, and when, BCN and SNI need to reach out, beyond Beaufort County, to other regional counties, to their vendors, both public and private, to offer them the superior products to promote their products, we can and we will; however, does that enrich Beaufort County, excepting me and my employees getting raises?

It does not.

Yet ... Beaufort County's events, theaters, art galleries, even small 'shop local' stores, homes for sale and property are stationary, immovable, fixed. You are stuck here pleading for public money, or the kindness of those that can be duped into 'shopping local', while you do not, and still, you do not reaching out beyond your small circle of friends.

One thing that I have learned over the years: If I work hard enough, smart enough and long enough, I can find smart people to deal with, where ever they may reside. They will have the wisdom to procure the superior products, they will better compete, and rather than Beaufort County vendors, and public/nonprofits drawing customer from others areas, you may find Beaufort County residents being drawn away to those other area to spend their hard earned dollars outside of the county.

I, for one, won't fault them.

And then: What happens when the public money runs out, because your public/nonprofit group is so poorly managed?

Think about it. What then?

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With words not so complicated in clarity, but are proven beyond their capability to fathom in purpose; evidenced by their pejorative words of pure conjecture to corporately misunderstand the essential nature, the core machinations of those self-asserted issues important to their corporate identity.
In the politcal age of Covid, Beaufort County may be taking some real advantage of "free money" rolling around making some communities richer while making our Republic far poorer ... in a relative sense.
I have a growing collection of images, the vast majority of which are in North Carolina, that I am now offering for sale in a limited edition format.
I have a growing collection of images, the vast majority of which are in North Carolina, that I am now offering for sale in a limited edition format.
My apologies to the many Beaufort County patrons who have had a lessened amount of content, save the Beaufort Observer section, who have faithfully continued in the BCN absence of industry in recent weeks. It could not be helped.
Extending over 2.57 acres (if purchased in one block, more property offered if subdivided in purchasable building footprints), this Commercial Corner, the former John H. Small property, is now for sale, and may be sold as one tract, or sold in building footprints.
This bundle of five lots can be split to sold as a pair, or in a combination of three additional lots bringing the total to five, allowing a flexible purpose for many possibilities.
Within the plan of this project, I am offering these lots, and this tract that may be so unique that few, if any other proposed projects would even consider offering such, offering such; an experiment in community where the dreams of many may have individual success, bolstering the community.
Tract C, with frontage on the south side of Old Blounts Creek Road, this is some of the best well drained land on this "River Road" of the Southside.


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