General Michael Flynn Resigns; Democrats Call for a Full Probe | Beaufort County Now | General Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump's first National Security Advisor, is gone. Brought down by illegal wiretapping on his person as a private citizen and then leaked by bad bureaucrats, my mostly Democrat holdovers, that will soon be removed from the Trump administration. | General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, State Department files, DOJ files, EPA files, Solyndra like Democrat Donors Slush Fund, ObamaCare

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General Michael Flynn Resigns; Democrats Call for a Full Probe

    General Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump's first National Security Advisor, is gone. Brought down by illegal wiretapping on his person as a private citizen and then leaked by bad bureaucrats, my mostly Democrat holdovers, that will soon be removed from the Trump administration.

    The Democrats are calling for a full independent investigation into the General's and Mr. Trump's relationship with the Russians.

    This may come as a surprise to many; but, I agree with the Democrats: There should be a full independent investigation in General Flynn and Mr. Trump, but ... with one caveat.

    While congress is organizing the investigation of General Flynn and Mr. Trump, they would expand that investigation to the Obama years, and real scandals, including but not limited to: Solyndra like Democrat Donors Slush Fund; Fast and Furious; ObamaCare lies; Benghazi Cover-up; Arming ISIS; IRS Political Targeting, etc.

    Think about it: Congress will now have full, unfettered access to the State Department files, the DOJ files; the EPA files (did not mention all of those many scandals there), etc. No more stonewalling. And if any records are found destroyed, just think of all the corrupt bureaucrats you could fire for cause, an, or jail.

    This could get really interesting, and we could really "drain the swamp" then of some really corrupt people, and then go back, summarily indict, and then put some really corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in jail.

    So, if hypocrite Democrats want to go there, let's have that dance.

    I'm waxing giddy thinking about the possibilities.

    I am also very much looking forward to who authorized the listening to the retired General as a private citizen, and, moreover, who leaked these sensitive secrets to various channels. The leaker is no whistleblower. The leaker or leakers will be felons, and should be prosecuted.


( February 15th, 2017 @ 2:37 pm )
"The Wiki Leaks on Hillary's emails and the Russian hacking the Democratic website was despicable and the reason we lost the election." Public statements.

"I think we will adopt that technique for our own use starting with White House leaks by our embedded lefties ." Private plan leaked from an unidentified Democrat Leader.
( February 15th, 2017 @ 11:17 am )
Outstanding analogy: Canary Trap. There is so much one could do by embedding data, if they know what they are doing.

I'm amazed at just how far some people will go to further the Progressive agenda of Open Borders and Democrat Hegemony.

General Flynn is just the beginning for these Socialists.
( February 15th, 2017 @ 6:19 am )
I agree Stan, the leaker and the recipient should both be subject to prosecution when the recipient passes on the information leaked (if the info is classified). While it may be a Gordian Knot, something needs to be done to stop the hemorrhaging of information without attribution.

Unfortunately, leaking has become the fifth leg in governing used by both sides when they cannot accomplish their goals through normal means:
1 Congress,
2 Executive,
3 Judicial,
4 Press,
5 Leaks.

While, it may not be possible to determine who actually leaked maybe they should resort to the Canary_Trap that is used in very serious security documents. Embedding codes in metadata is also a way of tracking who had what.Technology has advanced to the point that almost everything can be tracked. While there is no doubt we have a 'right' to privacy, there is no actual privacy left.

To paraphrase a line from an old Paul Newman movie.

"A leak, you call that a leak? The last time we had a leak this big ole Noah built himself a boat."
( February 14th, 2017 @ 8:49 pm )
In the PM, February 14, 2017:

After watching often vapid Democrat lawmakers today stand as one, in a moment of clarity, and after 8 years of a scandal ridden Obama presidency, I watched them finally call for a probe into that of General Michael Flynn, the Trump administration, and, remarkably, I agree that congress must investigate.

While the Democrats diligently work to dig up dirt on former Democrats Flynn and Trump, I will be expecting congress to find who approved the listening in on General Flynn, and, who, moreover, leaked that transcript to the Democrat Media.

The leaking of the transcript is a felony, and, while it is important that leakers are rooted out. I am most looking forward to seeing someone, probably from the Obama administration, go to jail.

Maybe, this will begin a process of draining the swamp that got so deep and so sour during the Hussein years. Maybe more could go to jail. This would be a good thing.

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