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   Sometimes the comment section turns into a longer discussion which would be better expressed as a stand alone article. This is a reprint of the comments section from my original article Loyalty above Principle or Principle above Loyalty. Feel free to comment and set us straight if you disagree.

Stan Deatherage said:( May 18th, 2017 @ 12:21 am )

  • Good analogy B.T., but, I think the larger issue at hand is that Comey was in a difficult position made far worse by the triumvirate of corruption: Hussein Obama, L. Hillary and Loretta Lynch.
  • Speaking of Obstruction of Justice, these three were in such control that real justice would go lacking, and Comey was simply a diligent, dutiful pawn.

    Bobby Tony said:( May 18th, 2017 @ 10:03 am )

  • With the death of Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News and perhaps the second most hated man by the Liberal Media, I noticed a quote from one of the news sources, which illuminates the problem with getting all your information from television (either left or right). I suspect that Rahm Emmanuel learned many lessons from Roger and thus my fear of Rigid Ideologues or Lazy Moderates.
  • "As an aide to President Richard Nixon in 1970, he prepared a 300-page memo titled, A Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News."
  • "Today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, than people listen to the radio, than people read or gather any other form of communication," the memo read. "The reason: People are lazy. With television, you just sit -- watch -- listen. The thinking is done for you 1970."

    Stan Deatherage said:( May 18th, 2017 @ 9:23 am )

  • Very well put B.T.
  • After serving for 18 years with about 20 different county commissioners, let me make this abundantly clear: Less that 10% of these commissioners understood the true precepts of the constitution. About another 20% had digested just enough of the document to be dangerous, and the remaining 70% did not have a clue what they swore to when they were installed into office.
  • I would estimate that this could, sadly, well represent the public that elected them.
  • One need look any further to the idiot Democrats now rising to call for Impeachment of a recently elected Republican president when there is no crime, nor has the nation been damaged in any real way.

    Bobby Tony said:( May 18th, 2017 @ 7:27 am )

  • Apologies for the long reply:
  • I agree that James Comey was in a difficult position because he possessed knowledge that he felt the public should know, but he was bound by the constraints of an ongoing investigation. (Catch 22) and his duty as a citizen. I cannot wait to read his book. It is sad that most of this information comes after the point that we the public would find it useful.
  • I think one of the points I was trying to make was that our elected, appointed and hired officials should have a loyalty to the principles of our constitution and not the loyalty to people or an ideology that is not consistent with the constitution. The campaign process allows candidates to explain their positions and expand their vision of the path they plan to take. Their objective should be clear. We have too much nuance from both sides because of their need to gather a majority of votes.
  • Perhaps the cure is illustrated by the article recently posted by Publius Huldah.
  • Publius Huldah Article

    Stan Deatherage said:( May 19th, 2017 @ 8:30 am )

  • I can see that.
  • Mr. Ailes was a visionary in more ways than one. People don't read much, and, subsequently, their writing is often atrocious, and very uninspired.
  • I have read much in my life, but I have read few books in the last two decades. At least I have an excuse; reading agendas and then minutes took much time, and BCN requires much reading, and always will.
  • Fortunately, I choose to do little reading on Facebook.

    Bobby Tony said:( May 19th, 2017 @ 8:58 am )

  • Roger did not invent the technique he just appropriated the Liberal bluster an applied it to his conservative views and found a vast audience that was not being served by the established media. A marketing coup if ever there was one.
  • Politico had an article by Jeff Greenfield, liberal commentator that amply describes the attraction of Ailes, Fox News and MSNBC.
  • "How did Roger Ailes achieve such devotion? At root, it flowed from one key fact: He approached his task not as a journalist, but as a political warrior.
  • Perhaps the best way to think about what Roger Ailes built is to recall a comment by a liberal US Senator some years back who found great comfort in watching the liberal rants of Keith Olberman, then on MSNBC. Why, I asked, after hours on Capitol Hill, would you watch an hour of political rhetoric?"
  • Because, came the answer, "it's like sinking into a nice warm bath."
  • Politico TEXT
  • Have a nice cool glass of Kool aid, anyone?

    Stan Deatherage said:( May 19th, 2017 @ 3:14 pm )
  • Kool Aid it is.
  • In the memorials, it was mentioned that Roger Ailes 'was not there to build a channel as retort to Left, but to report all the news that was left out'.
  • For me, as one who has been the butt of the biased Liberal /Crony Media, I well appreciate the truth within this anecdotal comment.

    Bobby Tony said:( May 19th, 2017 @ 4:48 pmm )
  • Most of the millennials will not remember the press hounding Richard Nixon long before Watergate. The Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee was a close confidant of the First Philander in Chief John Kennedy, long before Kennedy was elected president. Nixon had an intense dislike for the press based on his previous treatment when Vice President over his campaign fund financing, which was common practice in the 1950's. To be sure Richard Nixon was a brilliant tactician but with a deeply flawed personality that did not fare well in the new arena of TV politics.   The First Modern Campaign extract
  • It is interesting that many who heard the 1960 Nixon / Kennedy debate on the radio thought Nixon won but most who saw it on TV thought Kennedy won. Roger Ailes came into Nixon's spotlight in 1967, as a 27-year-old Executive Producer of the syndicated Mike Douglas show, when he tried to convince a still skeptical Nixon that Television was not a gimmick but a real influence on the public. Thus the quote re the "People are lazy" quote in the comment below.
  • Having never been in the political arena, I can nevertheless understand the blood sport that politics seems to breed. The Democrats have long known that, but many Republicans suffer from the "Rodney King Syndrome."
  • Then along comes Donald Trump and everyone thinks this is something new. If I were still a drinking man I would ask for a doubl-shot of Vodka in my Kool Aid.

    At some Point you would expect a principled Democrat to come forward with some sense of the damage this circus is causing our republic. Enter Dennis Kucinich, a confirmed Progressive Liberal. His opinion will be insignificant because he said this on Fox News, Hannity Show, which meas he has been polluted by money of the big bear.

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( May 19th, 2017 @ 11:28 pm )
One of my great privileges as publisher of Beaufort County NOW is that I have the wonderful opportunity to converse with my varied, creative and principled contributors, either in the BCN's comment section, or by private message. A number of these contributors, all my friends growing closer by the day, are veterans of foreign wars or married to veterans.

They are all good men and women, intelligent, and what they have to express or profess is important enough to me that I will move heaven and earth to continue their content,and keep it well exposed for all perpetuity.

They deserve nothing less.

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