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    Psychologists, while studying how rats react to sudden changes in their organized colonies observed a behavioral pattern in" normal" colonies. I stress" normal' colonies. Upon the disruption of such things as bedding and places to obtain food, the location of exercise machines, etc in such an intensity as to cause chaos, rats became highly agitated, and nervous. Rat rage. With each passing day the rats became less nervous and after some time they became normal again.

    Under the same kind of conditions humans behave the same way. I thought, when Donald Trump was elected President, those who supported Hillary would behave according to rat rage patterns. That is, they would eventually return to normal..

    After all, those of us who first saw Obama elected returned to our normal political and emotional lives after a while. We did not stage violent marches or wish death upon Obama's supporters. Even with Obama's second election we realized that the nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue would be over in four years. After all Obama took office in what we believed were somewhat un fair elections. The United States has rarely had perfect elections. Us conservatives and Republicans got over it. We knew there would be more elections in our democracy. However, we never expected the amount of corruption we got out of the Obama administration.

    With the Trump election, we are long past the time (more than a year and one half) for "normal" people to return to normal. Based on the present behavior of those on the Left and the RINO's, something else is going on. These people are not exhibiting behavior normal to "Rat Rage". That is, their level of "rat rage" has not gone down.

    I believe our system of government has been under siege for many years. The great "legal" immigration of the last 100 years coupled with an education system that does not teach American Heritage and the lessons of the Revolutionary War, the importance of our Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights has produced two generations of Americans who are clueless about American Democracy and heritage. The assault on the Christian religion further dismembers our nation.

    We have lost the Democrat Party and a part of the Republican Party to the Leftists RINOs and Socialists. . The first cousin of communism which is socialism now is in a death struggle with those who honor our Founding Fathers.

    The failure of our education system to teach the differences among Socialism, Communism and Capitalism has robbed the Leftists and RINOs of the ability to recognize any of these three" isms" when they see it. This makes dupes out of the Leftists and RINOs..

    I look at it this way. The last 100 years of immigrants are not connected to our heritage by either the War Between the States or our Revolution. This is not the fault of those who came to this country during the past 100 years. We did not teach true American History and our values to their children. We have allowed the education system to be hijacked by liberals who are intent on teaching US History after the War Between the States and destroying the Christian religion.

    However, we should not treat these people with gracious charity. They are dangerous. They believe they have been cheated out of their form of government which is socialism by the election of Donald Trump.. Given the chance, they will destroy our form of government and enslave those who work and produce anything to support their privileged socialist government.

    It is sad that many of our elected officials do not understand the Constitution nor do they recognize socialism and dictator forms of government. Surprising as it may sound the leftists and RINOs are trying to transform our government to rule by elitists who control all manufacturing and production allowing private property to coexist with socialism. There is a surprising name for that---Fascism. You are probably surprised because "Facism" is what the Leftists and RINO's are accusing Trump and his followers of being. Sowing this kind of confusion is typical Marxist propaganda.

    We are in a serious struggle to preserve democracy and our Constitution. It is vital that we do not allow those who are our enemies to hold elective or government offices. This is accomplished by not returning those who do not actively and clearly support our Constitution to elected office. We can remove a lot of socialist bureaucrats by simply making government smaller.

    The diehard Democrats and the RINO's are taking the Trump election hard because they do not understand democracy and our American heritage. They have not experienced it nor have they been taught it. We should pity them

    Take a look at where the red states are located and where the blue states are located. Donald Trump won a lot of states that are normally blue, but only because those states had severe economic problems that were pushed on them by the liberal Leftists and RINOs. Many of the blue states he won have high populations of first, second and third generation citizens. (Maybe there is hope)

    Back to the "rat rage". What is going on today is not rat rage. The most powerful distinguishing characteristic is the amount of lying that is coming from the Leftists and RINOs. There is no lying and no requirement for lying to make rat rage return to normalcy. Emotional and personal security levels settle down to pre disturbance levels on their own without the need for bullying or falsifying propaganda. Let us let rat rage off the hook.

    The leftists and RINOs are organized and determined to win. They want "change' to socialism and elitist rule. This movement reminds me of events that swirled around the halls of government during the formative months of the coming to power of both Hitler and Lenin.
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( July 7th, 2018 @ 8:51 pm )
Great title for a sad, but inescapable subject.

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