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Deatherage and Dunn address Beaufort County Republicans

Press Release:

    Washington     The Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee invited the three candidates listed on the Republican ticket for county commissioner to present their programs for county government to its September meeting. Two of them, Stan Deatherage and Tandy Dunn attended and made presentations.

    Deatherage stressed his record as a fiscal conservative serving on the county commission in the past, pointing out that he had never voted for a tax increase and had carefully watched over county spending. He said that his concern over the increases in taxing and spending had led him to reenter the political arena, noting that when he left the county commission four years ago there were 290 county employees and in four years that had grown to 390. During the last two years, property taxes increased 16% Stan Deatherage vowed to work hard to address spending excesses.

    Tandy Dunn told the group that it was his watching too much "stupid spending" by the current county commission that led him to throw his hat into the ring. Dunn cited the recent purchase of very expensive "smart meters" for the county water department which would never come close to paying for themselves and would cause increases in water rates for citizens, as an example of that spending. Dunn pledged to work to stop such spending in the future.

    In answer to a question from the audience both candidates said they were not lifelong Republicans, but were long time Republicans who had switched from Democrat decades ago after taking a hard look at the policies of each party.

    The county Republican executive committee thanked Deatherage and Dunn for their presentations and commended their approach to county government.

     Contact: Patricia Garrison
        Beaufort County Republican Party Chairman


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