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This Blog Posting to Beaufort County Now is now almost exactly 2 years old. Because of the Zaniness that is our Congress, I have this irresistible urge to republish it...Or should I? 

I know what I will do. I will add a Lagniappe onto it as a flimsy excuse to unleash it again. I hope you will forgive me for resorting to this trickery but the Continuing Craziness in Washington, and the fact that today is the old traditional date we celebrate Washington’s Birthday, demands I do this. 

Smartfella 2/22/19


General George Washington has petitioned the Congress to change the name of Washington D.C. to, "Anything else ye damn well please"

He went on to say... 
    "I spent my life in service to this once great country and I no longer consider it an honor to have our capital named after me. 

    Besides, my cohorts up here in heaven have begun to laugh at me every time the word "Washington" is mentioned on the news shows down there. Since ye now have the 24 Hour News Cycle, the guffaws are never ending. 

    Sadly sleep is not needed up here. If we did sleep, I could get away from the ridicule for a wee bit. This being the case, the laughing and finger pointing never stops. 

    Benjamin Franklin is the worst!"

Authorities are baffled at how Ole George went about communicating with our 2017 11% Approval Rated Congress. 

A Senate Committee will begin holding hearings next week to get to the root of this strange phenomenon. Committee Hearings are a sure way to get to the bottom of any issue of importance...Or are they? 

Would I kid u? 

Lagniappe: I have an idea! I recommend you change the name Washington D.C. to Franklin D.C.

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