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Another week, another editorial ripping the NC Democrat Party. NCGOP, moderates, democratic party, editorial, may 22, 2019
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No Room For Moderates In The NC Democrat Party

Press Release:

"Get In Line, Or We're Coming After You"

    Raleigh, NC     Another week, another editorial ripping the NC Democrat Party. As the Democrats continue to step further and further out of the mainstream to embrace far-left values, they have pushed purity tests to ensure that their elected officials only respond to the most extreme members of their base. From The News & Observer:

  • Not that long ago, North Carolina Democrats had the "big tent" party - an eclectic group that shared common values but disagreed on many individual issues.
  • Moderate - sometimes even conservative - rural Democrats in the legislature worked alongside big city liberals. The moderates occasionally voted with Republicans, particularly on social or religious issues, and most of their colleagues didn't hold it against them.
  • Not anymore. Only a few of the moderate rural Democrats are left in state politics, and they're finding targets on their backs - not from Republicans looking to take their seats, but from their own party.
  • The latest victim is Sen. Don Davis, an Air Force veteran and former small-town mayor who represents Greene and Pitt counties. He's under fire for voting to override Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of a largely inconsequential abortion bill designed to stir up an emotional issue.
  • ...
  • ...the threat is clear for the other African-American rural Democrats in the House who'd also supported the abortion bill: Get in line, or we're coming after you.
  • ...
  • Democrats also made a tactical mistake last week when they fired the well-respected director of the State Board of Elections, Kim Strach.
  • ...
  • And while the elections board chairman sounded almost apologetic about the move and praised Strach at length, N.C. Democratic Party chairman Wayne Goodwin attacked her for the sin of being married to an attorney who happens to represent Republican lawmakers.
  • Democrats argued her marriage is a conflict of interest, but none could point to any examples where it tainted her work. That's inherently sexist and just another example where the partisan "purity test" leads to questionable decisions.
  • ...
  • That erodes trust in our democracy.

    Read the full editorial HERE.

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