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Congress raises the Debt Limit every time ITurn Around. I even stopped Turning Around but they Paid Me No Nevermind (whatever that means).


Many of the Postings I do for Beaufort County Now Are Postings I Have Already Published in My Ongoing Foolishness…Or Is It? Blog (forii.blogspot.com). That means they are Old but they are not Outdated Because Foolishness Springs Eternal!

 (First Published March 16, 2010)

What Does The Word "Limit" Mean To You?

Our crack Senate yesterday raised the Debt Limit … again.

As soon as the Debt Limit is created, Congress aggressively takes aim on the newly raised Debt Limit.  As long as any proposed spending does not go over the Debt Limit, it is OK to spend the money because it is “authorized” since it does not exceed the Debt Limit.

There are those geniuses up there that see this latest increase of $1.9 Trillion and say, “1.9 ain’t much. Heck, that’s not even 2”.

At least they ought to change the name of the National Debt Limit.  How about some of these ideas? …

  • The Temporary Debt Limit.
  • The Debt Limit Until We Exceed the Debt Limit Limit.
  • The Unlimited Debt Limit.
  • The Absolutely We Ain’t Gonna Go Over Limit Unless And Until Such Time As We Spend So Much Money That It Is Necessary To Go Over The Limit Limit.

Until they get a new official name change in place they ought to put a Smiley Face in front of and behind the old name.  This way we will know that they are just kidding. 

What these “statesmen” do not tell you is that this $1.9 Trillion increases the Debt Limit to the new total Debt Limit of $14.3 Trillion. 

If Foghorn Leghorn were a member of Senate he would be quick to point out that this is not even $15 Trillion.  I’m sure glad Foghorn Leghorn is not in the Senate … Or Is He?

Sure enough I see him sitting over there right next to Goofy and Yosemite Sam.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: I gave some thought to finding out how many times our 9% Approval Rated Congress has raised the Debt Limit since I first wrote this Blog Posting back in 2010 and then listing them as a Lagniappe to this Foolishness. I decided against it because I don’t think my Blog Postings ought not be so long that my Dear Readers have to get into a second 6-pack to finish reading what I have to say.

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( June 21st, 2019 @ 10:56 am )
I got it.

However, I don't hardly ever drink.
( June 20th, 2019 @ 10:05 am )
I'm not sure if it will take a Pitcher of beer or a six pack while one is reviewing this chart.

Happy Birthday Brant & A Lesson from a Willow Foolishness...Or Is It?, Public Perspective, Body & Soul As An Institution Of Higher Learning You Are A Mere Shadow Of Your Former Self. You Deserve The $44 Million Fine You Just Received In Court.


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