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Political Freedom and Change

    Are you politically free or are you a slave to a political party or your own set of flawed political principles. Now is the time to take a hard look at whether or not you are happy with whatever brand of politics you have been subscribing to.

    We are all aware of the "yellow dog" Democrat vote. Maybe we have some "yellow dog" Republicans and independents or unaffiliated voters. Whatever your political flavor may be, has it been working for you.

    More and more Democrats are becoming aware that their party has made some radical changes. This happened because Democrats have been preached at for the last 100 years to follow the party line. Vote for whomever was presented as a "Democrat". There is no question the Democrat Party of today is not the same party as 50 yeas ago or even 15 years ago. Blind party loyalty allowed socialists, communists, unprincipled and unethical people to quietly gain leadership position inside the Democrat Party.

    The Republican party is not that different. If you do not believe me, take a look at all Republican elected officials. How many can pass the smell test for truthfulness, double dealing and selling their office. The Republican leadership continues to tell us we must vote Republican simply because that candidate says he or she is a Republican. Some Republican leaders are telling us the party platform does not matter. There is not that much difference in leadership principles.

    This is where you, the voter, whether Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated, come in. We have a primary election coming up in March of 2020. Registration and campaigning begins during December of 2019.

    You should vote only for candidates who have demonstrated their integrity, and common sense. It is hard to judge new candidates. New candidates have a track records in business and their community. Do not vote for any candidate who appears to be a party hack. If you believe the incumbent is bad, you lose nothing by voting or his opponent, even if you are not thoroughly familiar with his opponent.

    One does not have to vote for the opposing party to weed out undesirable candidates. Simply do not mark the ballot unless the candidate is outstanding. Low numbers of votes compared to others in a primary send aloud message. It is ok to not fill in all the blanks on a ballot.

    Republicans have a problem with Senator Thom Tillis. He should not survive the primary. He has been politically disreputable since he was hand picked by the Robin Hayes machine. Everyone has been told to vote for him because he is a "Republican". Everything Tillis has done from the first day he was elected to the North Carolina Legislature has been to benefit Tillis. Your first clue is that Hays has been convicted by the Feds for bribery, so why support his buddy, Tillis.

    Tillis never supported Trump until he realized that he may not survive his primary election. Then he made a turn around, with the Republican Party and even President Trump is endorsing him. Make your voice heard to the North Carolina Republican Party and the National Republican Party and , yes, even to Donald Trump, by refusing to vote for this political bum .

    We have the same problem in Beaufort County. The Republican party has been taken over by outsiders and , dare I say, Democrats masquerading as Republicans. Beginning with the false or fake Republican majority taking charge about 6 years ago, taxes have gone up 20 percent. How would you like to have a 20 percent reduction in Beaufort County taxes? Taxes will go up another 20 percent during the next four years if we do not make a change.. We need to get the false Republicans out of office by draining the swamp during the March 2020 primary elections.

    Sad to say but Obama said it best: "Elections have consequences". If you want to see government change, change the people who are running government.

    Are you politically free? If you are voting for bad politicians only because they have an "R" or a "D" beside their name, you are not politically free. You do not have to vote for the other side, just leave the bad person's slot blank.

    Together, we can drain this swamp.


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