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Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    You knew it was going to happen. The royal train wreck, I mean.

    A woman who played a corporate ingenue on American cable television and who once claimed, no lie, that we didn't have tabloid sensationalism in America (that would be news to the New York Post or National Enquirer) and thus she wasn't used to negative press, is throwing of the stiff shackles of Buckingham Palace to make cash in a massive side hustle and she is dragging her besotted husband along for the lark.

    Yes, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, respectively the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (you read it right), are stepping down from top tier royal duties to focus on their charities, her image, and no doubt her woke political causes. It will bring them zillions in celeb-worshiping lucre. It may be quite good for them but it does no favors for the House of Windsor.

    This Yank adventuress is reminiscent of another in the 1930s who seemed to have a similar pull over a royal, and at that, a king. When Edward VIII gave up the throne in December of 1936 for Baltimore's Wallis Simpson,"the woman I love", she too had her woke political causes and a spouse in puppy-like infatuation. Only then the cause was Nazi fascism. It got the activist couple banished to the South of France at first, then to the Bahamas for the duration of WWII, lest they get used too easily by their chums in the Third Reich.

    But Markle is no Simpson. Markle is taller.

    The Sussexes are decamping to Canada for a bit, spending half time there and half in the UK, where the bright lights and sizzling social scene of downtown Ottawa on a Tuesday night is sure to meet their fancy. The broadcasters of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), who tend to be Inuits and talking beavers, are no doubt thrilled at the opportunity to chat about Meghan, with Meghan, and for Meghan.

    This royal debacle, though not quite a surprise, is sad as it signals a sad goodbye to the amusing Harry of yore. Like his Shakespearean namesake, this Prince Harry had a wild and daring youth. From wearing a Nazi uniform (What is it with this family and Nazis!?) to a costume party to bravely serving on the front lines with U.K. and U.S. troops in Afghanistan, this royal was a bonnie laddie, a right stout fellow.

    But the love of an actress has done strange things to the former wayward prince. Some of them, perhaps beneficial.

    The next scene of this melodrama, where Meghan gives a tell-all interview about how mean the other royals and the British aristocracy were to her, cannot be too far away.

    Pass the popcorn.
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