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Trump Is Making Wise Adjustments to Combat the Mainstream Media While Preparing for a Tight Race in November

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    If you think President Donald Trump is going to certainly win this election, take off your tinfoil pinwheel hat. If you think he is certainly going to lose this election put down the crack pipe.

    Going into T-minus one month before the fall campaign season, President Trump's chances look the way Czarist Russia used to be regarded, "Never as weak as she looks. Never as strong as she looks." Though, Trump's staff are fighting back with a vengeance.

    But their heroism under fire doesn't obscure the fact that right now public perception, driven by contrived polls, is not doing the president any favors. As in so much else in politics and marketing, the manipulated perception is becoming the reality.

    As such, the president has done an about-face in three areas recently.

    He's openly proclaiming the benefits of wearing a face mask to fight coronavirus, he bounced his campaign chief, and he canceled the Jacksonville convention. Each move was good and may help him. But even if he gains ten points in the polls tomorrow, November is still going to be a close run thing.

    The mask issue was damaging him with female voters and the faint of heart types. The "kindergarten teacher vote" — aka "the Karen vote" — prizes social conformity above all else. In this virus environment the hive mentality and the urge to groupthink has become predominant to the national debate. Whether on masks, Black Lives Matter, or any number of leftist fever swamp ideas you must fall in step or risk the ire of the sheep that surround you. In politics, ire is a bad thing. Hence the mask 180-degree turn.

    As we've written before, demoting Brad Parscale back to digital was a needed move. One, that beard. I mean, really? But more importantly, digital types don't have the intuitive retail political chops to run a campaign. Hillary relied on one in 2016 and...kaboom. Parscale is back where he shines, in front of a screen and keyboard.

    And canceling the Jacksonville event was disappointing but necessary. Given the virus frenzy cited above, all hell would have broken loose when the media and Karen voters would have seen all those freedom-loving non-hive- thinking Trump types gather and celebrate much less than six feet apart, many of them sans masks. So, okay, no fun.

    However, the big card the president has up his sleeve is given to him free of charge every night by assembled young idiots and Bolsheviks around the country: the riots. The worse it gets the more the president's law and order message plays. Because even suburban Karen voters and effete upscale liberals do not want the likes of Black Lives Matter or Antifa careening through their well kept fake pastoral neighborhoods. They could, without ever admitting it, vote accordingly.

    The current showdown with the Chicoms also helps the president, as most voters don't see Joe Biden as strong enough to stand up to Beijing. So strap yourself in and get the barf bag ready. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.


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