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Hurricane Isaias Becomes Tropical Storm Isaias

News Release:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Please see the email below and attached briefing for this morning's update from the NWS.

    Reminder: The NWS service will be hosting a webinar discussion of the current forecast at 8:30 am this morning. This webinar can be accessed using the link in the email below.

    Chris Newkirk

      Deputy Director,     Beaufort County Emergency Services

      1420 Highland Dr
      Washington, NC 27889
      Office: (252) 940-6511  •  Cell: (252) 378-5352

Click the image, which will expand when clicked, to reach the updated information, in PDF form, to access the progress of Hurricane Isaias: Below.

    Besides slowing down the arrival time of tropical storm force winds, not a lot of changes with this update. We will talk at 830 AM.

    Don't forget we will be doing daily webinars through Monday at 830 AM and 630 PM. We will continue to try to post these to our YouTube Channel afterwards.

    To register for ALL of the webinars, please use this link:

    We will be using the audio through the computer for these webinars. This has greatly helped us in our ability to keep the audio lines muted and controlled. To ask a question at the end you can either ask the question through the webinar panel or if you have a microphone, you can raise your hand and we will unmute your mic and call on you. If you have any questions you can always call the office at 252 223 5737 EXT 6.

    NOAA - National Weather Service

      Newport/Morehead City, NC Weather Forecast Office
      533 Roberts Rd

      Newport, NC 28570


Latest Governing Beaufort County

As Beaufort County's premier highest tech internet related company, SNI, creates the highest quality representation of the Beaufort County Commissioners' general meeting for January, 2021.
Beaufort County will be receiving an additional 175 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for the coming week.
Beaufort County Commissioners split 3 to 3 on a resolution setting county policy that no major borrowing would be done without a vote of the citizens in a bond referendum.
This resolution to request the NC General Assembly to begin the process of a NC Constitutional Referendum to develop the ability to recall themselves back into session by a simple majority vote seemed like a good idea at the time, but failed on a 3 to 3 split vote.
Please see pages 3 & 4 of today's update for an announcement of additional vaccine opportunities for next week (1/20 - 1/22) and information on how COVID vaccine supplies and allocations impact on Beaufort County.


The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners have been invited to take a tour of Pamlico Yachtworks, located at 230 Clarks Neck Road, Washington, NC on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM.
Our office continues to monitor the cold front currently moving across our area. Please see the email below and attached briefing from the National Weather Service for the latest update.
The Beaufort County Department of Social Services will be closed on Friday, January 8, 2021 due to an identified cluster of COVID-19 cases.


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